Who Owns the Boat on Below Deck Mediterranean?

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

It’s a question that has been on the minds of Below Deck Mediterranean viewers since the season began airing: who owns the boat? The answer, it turns out, is a little complicated. According to Captain Sandy Yawn, the boat is actually owned by a company called Purposeful Passage.

However, she leases it out to Bravo for the purposes of filming the show. This means that technically, Bravo is responsible for any damage that occurs during filming (which is why they have insurance).

The Below Deck franchise is no stranger to drama, and the most recent season of Below Deck Mediterranean is no exception. One of the main points of contention this season has been who owns the boat that the crew is working on. Some crew members have claimed that they were told by producers that the boat belonged to Captain Sandy Yawn, while others say that they were told it was owned by Bravo.

This debate came to a head when one of the deckhands was caught stealing from the boat’s safe. Captain Sandy eventually revealed that she does in fact own the boat, but it’s leased out to production companies like Bravo when filming takes place. So technically, neither the crew nor the network actually owns the vessel.

This news didn’t sit well with some of the crew members, who felt misled by producers. It also raised questions about who is responsible for damages or theft on set. Ultimately, it seems like this situation just adds another layer of drama to an already tumultuous season.

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How Much is the Yacht on below Deck Mediterranean

If you’re a fan of Below Deck Mediterranean, then you know that the yacht featured on the show is called the Ionian Princess. And if you’re wondering how much it would cost to charter the Ionian Princess for a week in the Mediterranean, we’ve got some answers for you. The Ionian Princess is a 164-foot long motor yacht that can accommodate up to 12 guests in six staterooms.

The weekly charter rate for the Ionian Princess starts at $140,000, which includes the services of a captain and crew. But keep in mind, this rate does not include fuel or other incidentals. So, if you’re looking to charter the Ionian Princess for your next vacation, be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

Below Deck Mediterranean Yacht Home

The Below Deck Mediterranean yacht home is a luxurious and unique way to experience the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful vessel is available for charter through select companies and features everything you need for an amazing vacation. The yacht home includes five staterooms, each with their own private bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, and living room.

There is also a hot tub on the top deck where you can relax and enjoy the incredible views. The Below Deck Mediterranean yacht home is the perfect way to explore the coastline of this stunning region in style!

Who Owns Ohana Yacht

Who Owns Ohana Yacht? The answer to who owns the Ohana yacht is not as clear cut as you might expect. The vessel was originally built in Taiwan and launched in 2006, but it has changed hands several times since then.

Its current owner is listed as an LLC, which makes it difficult to track down the true identity of the individual or individuals behind the company. What is known is that the yacht was purchased by its current owner in 2014 for $8 million. It underwent a significant refit in 2016, which added a helipad and other luxury features.

The Ohana has since been used for charter purposes, meaning that anyone with enough money can rent it for a week or more. So, while we may not know exactly who owns the Ohana yacht, we do know that it’s available for anyone who wants to enjoy its luxurious amenities – provided they can afford it!

Below Deck Home Yacht Cost

What does it cost to charter a yacht like the one featured on Below Deck? The short answer is, it depends. For starters, the size of the yacht will impact the price.

The Below Deck yacht, named M/Y Seanna, is a 142-foot (43 meter) vessel that can accommodate 12 guests in six staterooms. Larger yachts will cost more to charter than smaller ones. Then there’s the matter of location.

If you want to charter a yacht in the Caribbean during peak season (winter), you can expect to pay more than if you were to charter the same vessel in Europe during summer. Location really is everything when it comes to pricing out a yacht charter. So, how much does it cost to charter M/Y Seanna?

According to Boat International, rates start at $275,000 per week. But again, that rate will change based on location and time of year. For example, rates for a winter charter in St. Barts start at $325,000 per week while summer rates in Sardinia start at $250,000 per week.

Who Owns the Boat Sirocco?

The Sirocco is a luxury yacht that was built in 2002 by the German shipbuilding company, Lurssen Yachts. The vessel is currently owned by the Emirati billionaire, Abdulla Al Futtaim, who purchased it in 2008 for an undisclosed amount. The Sirocco has a length of over 100 meters and a gross tonnage of around 4,000.

It features luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, movie theater, and several VIP suites.

Who Owns the Boat on Below Deck Sailing?

If you’re a fan of Below Deck, then you know that the yacht featured on the show is called M/Y Seanna. But who actually owns this spectacular vessel? It turns out that the boat is owned by a company called Oceanco, which is based in the Netherlands.

The company specializes in building custom yachts, and they’ve been in business since 1987. The M/Y Seanna was delivered to her owner in 2013, and she’s since been spotted cruising around the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. She’s definitely a head-turner with her sleek lines and elegant exterior.

Inside, the yacht is just as luxurious as you would expect. She has five staterooms that can accommodate up to 12 guests, plus room for 11 crew members. There’s also a spacious main salon, dining area, and sky lounge.

And if you need to cool off, there’s even a pool on board! So there you have it – the M/Y Seanna is one impressive vessel! If you ever get the chance to step aboard her, you’ll definitely be impressed by all that she has to offer.

How Much is the Yacht Worth on below Deck Mediterranean?

Below Deck Mediterranean is a reality television series that follows the crew of a superyacht as they live, work, and play on board. The show premiered on May 3, 2016, and has since become one of the most popular shows on Bravo. Below Deck Mediterranean is currently in its fourth season.

The yacht featured on the show is the Ionian Princess, which is a 50-meter (164-foot) vessel that was built in 2006. The Ionian Princess has a base price of $21 million, but with all of the upgrades and amenities that are featured on the show, the value of the yacht is likely much higher. Some of the features on board include a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, and a helipad.

Who Owns the Wellington Boat on Below Deck?

The Wellington is a 50-foot Azimut flybridge yacht that was built in 2006. It is owned byBelow Deck captain Lee Rosbach. The boat has three staterooms and can accommodate up to six guests.


Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean recently revealed that she actually owns the boat featured on the show! This came as a surprise to many fans, who assumed that the vessel belonged to the production company. Captain Sandy explained that she bought the boat specifically for the purpose of filming the reality TV series.

She also mentioned that it was important to her to have a female captain on the show, so she felt it was important to be hands-on with every aspect of production.