When is Croatia Yacht Week?

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Croatia Yacht Week is a sailing event that takes place annually in Croatia. The event attracts yacht owners and enthusiasts from all over the world. Croatia Yacht Week usually takes place in the month of June.

This year, the event will take place from June 1-8.

Croatia Yacht Week is an annual event that takes place in late August/early September. It is one of the largest yacht weeks in the world, and attracts people from all over to come and enjoy a week of sailing and partying. This year, Croatia Yacht Week will be taking place from August 24-31.

The ULTIMATE Travel Guide: Yacht Week Croatia

When is Yacht Week in Croatia 2022

Yacht Week Croatia is an annual event that takes place in early September. This year, it will be held from September 2-9. Yacht Week is a chance for people to come and charter a yacht for a week, or even just a few days.

There are also plenty of chances to explore the Croatian coastline and islands during this time.

When is Croatia Yacht Week 2023

Croatia Yacht Week is an annual event that takes place in the city of Dubrovnik. The event attracts yacht enthusiasts from all over the world and offers a week of sailing, partying and exploring Croatia’s stunning coastline. This year’s event will take place from June 1-8, 2023.

Yacht Week 2022 Dates

Are you looking for the perfect summer getaway? Look no further than Yacht Week! This annual event takes place in various locations around the world, and for 2022, the dates have been announced.

Here’s everything you need to know about Yacht Week 2022: When is Yacht Week? The dates for Yacht Week 2022 are as follows:

May 29 – June 4: Croatia & Montenegro* June 5-11: Greece June 12-18: Italy

(*)Please note that these are tentative dates and subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please check the official website closer to the event. What is Yacht Week?

Yacht Week is a week-long party on board a luxury yacht, with stops in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. The event attracts young people from all over, who come together to enjoy the sun, sea and good times. There is a wide range of activities on offer during Yacht Week, from water sports and beach parties, to sightseeing and exploring local nightlife.

No two days are ever the same – it’s the perfect way to experience everything that each destination has to offer! How do I participate in Yacht Week? If you want to join in the fun at Yacht Week 2022, all you need to do is book your spot on one of the many available yachts.

You can choose from a variety of different yacht types and sizes, depending on your budget and group size. Once you’ve made your booking, all that’s left to do is pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable week!

Yacht Week Croatia Route

Croatia is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, and it’s no wonder why. This small country has so much to offer, from its stunning coastline and clear turquoise waters to its medieval towns and villages. And what better way to explore Croatia than by yacht?

Yacht Week offers an incredible experience, allowing you to sail around some of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea while enjoying a party atmosphere on board your vessel. The Croatia route is one of the most popular options for Yacht Weekers, and it’s not hard to see why. Starting in Split, you’ll sail north along the coast, making stops at Hvar, Korčula, and Dubrovnik before heading back down south to your final destination of Trogir.

Along the way, you’ll have ample opportunity to swim in crystal-clear waters, enjoy countless sunset parties, and explore charming Croatian towns. If you’re looking for an unforgettable summer adventure, look no further than Yacht Week Croatia.

Yacht Week Caribbean

The Yacht Week is a popular event that takes place in the Caribbean. It is a week-long event where people can come and enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather of the Caribbean. There are many different activities that take place during the Yacht Week, including sailing, swimming, and partying.

Yacht Week Croatia Reviews

Have you ever been on a yacht? If not, then you’re missing out! Yacht Week is an amazing experience that lets you sail around Croatia with a group of friends.

It’s the perfect way to explore the country and party at the same time. I went on Yacht Week Croatia last summer and it was incredible. The weather was beautiful and the sailing was great.

We stopped in so many different places and had such a good time. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun vacation. If you’re thinking about going on Yacht Week, then be sure to check out my reviews.

I cover everything from the cost to the best places to stay during your trip. I also share some helpful tips that will make your experience even better. So whether you’re planning on going next year or are just curious about what it’s like, be sure to read my blog post!

Sail Week Vs Yacht Week

There’s nothing quite like spending a week on a yacht, sailing around the beautiful Caribbean. But which is better – Sail Week or Yacht Week? Let’s break it down.

Sail Week is all about chartering a yacht and spending a week sailing around the islands. You’ll have the chance to explore different anchorages each day, swim in crystal-clear waters, and relax on deck with friends. Yacht Week, on the other hand, is more of a party scene.

You’ll spend your days sailing from one party spot to the next, with stops at some of the most popular beaches and nightclubs along the way. If you’re looking for a wild week full of dancing and drinking, Yacht Week is definitely for you! So which is better?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want an action-packed week full of adventure and partying, go for Yacht Week. But if you’re looking to relax and soak up the incredible views of the Caribbean Sea, Sail Week is definitely the way to go.

Yacht Week Croatia Reddit

Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast or just looking for a unique vacation experience, Yacht Week Croatia is definitely worth considering! This popular event takes place annually in early September, and it attracts people from all over the world. Here’s what you need to know about Yacht Week Croatia, according to Reddit:

The event is organized by The Sailing Collective, and you can find more information on their website. Basically, you charter a yacht for a week (or multiple weeks) and sail around Croatia with a group of friends. It’s an all-inclusive experience, so your food and drink are covered, and there are parties at various locations throughout the week.

Many people recommend starting your search for a charter company on websites like Boat Bookings or Click & Boat. Once you find a company you like, be sure to read reviews from past customers before booking anything. As for where to go during Yacht Week Croatia,Redditors say that Hvar and Vis are must-see destinations.

Other popular spots include Krk Island, Dubrovnik, and Split. No matter where you go, you’re bound to have an amazing time – just be sure to pack your sunscreen!

What Dates are Yacht Week in Croatia?

Yacht Week is a regatta that takes place in Croatia from July 11-18. This event is one of the largest sailing events in the world and attracts over 10,000 people each year.

Where Does Yacht Week Croatia Start?

Yacht Week Croatia starts in Dubrovnik, which is located on the southeastern coast of Croatia. This city is a popular tourist destination because of its medieval walled city, scenic beaches and clear blue waters. Dubrovnik is also the starting point for many yacht charters because of its convenient location and large number of charter companies.

What Happens at Yacht Week Croatia?

If you’re looking for a party, and we mean a really big party, then you need to head to Yacht Week Croatia. This is one of the biggest parties in the world, and it takes place on some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Every year, over 10,000 people descend on Hvar Island for a week of sun, sea and sailing.

And if that doesn’t sound like enough fun for you, there are also plenty of clubs and bars to keep you entertained into the early hours. So what exactly happens at Yacht Week Croatia? Well, it all starts with choosing your yacht.

You can either bring your own or charter one for the week. Once you have your vessel sorted, it’s time to hit the open water with your new friends. There are three different routes to choose from – North Dalmatia, South Dalmatia or Kornati Islands – so you can tailor your experience to suit your group.

each day brings something different, whether it’s exploring hidden coves or taking part in water sports activities. And of course, there are plenty of opportunities to stop for a swim or simply relax on deck with a drink in hand. As night falls, the partying really begins.

There are various events taking place every evening at different locations around Hvar Island, so you can make the most of Croatia’s famous nightlife scene. From beach parties and boat parties to club nights and cocktails bars – there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. Just make sure you don’t miss the weekly foam party!

Where is The Yacht Week Located?

The Yacht Week is a sailing event that takes place in various locations around the world. The most popular destinations are Croatia, Greece, Italy and the Caribbean.


Croatia Yacht Week is a sailing event that takes place annually in Croatia. It is usually held in the month of July and lasts for one week. During this week, participants sail around the Croatian coastline and enjoy the beautiful scenery and beaches.

The event is open to all levels of sailors, from beginners to experienced sailors.