What To Know Before Renting a Pontoon Boat?

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Suppose your vacation is about to end. But you see, there is still plenty of time to enjoy it. Now those of you who like boating or fishing can go to the water by a pontoon boat, and it is pretty standard that most of you don’t own a pontoon.

Well, no need to fret about it. Because, though you can’t have a boat, you can always rent it. If you are a newbie in this sector, you may hassle while renting a pontoon boat or any kind of boat. This article is for that particular person who has no experience regarding this matter.

Fortunately, boat rental services are available in most places nearby. Now it is your task to select which boat is suitable for you that fulfills all your needs. Note down or read carefully what has been described below. I hope it will help.

How Boat Rental Works?

One question may arise in your mind that where you can find a boat rental nearby. But before going to a rental, you should consider its reputation, similarly to the condition of the boat itself.

Now, if you don’t want to ruin your experience on the boat having a mechanical breakdown on the water, then you have to find rentals that are on the top, maintaining issues like repairs and maintenance. So, do a little investigation before going to a rental.

You can also look for the best pontoon boat reviews to target your ultimate dreamboat and go for it. Usually, a person of 18 years old is suitable for renting a boat.

In some places, it requires an age range between 21 and 25. Age requirements can be very adaptable for a charter boat where a captain is assigned for running a boat. But if you are operating a boat by yourself, then age becomes an essential factor.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider?

We have gathered some factors which will help you rent a pontoon boat very quickly. So, here it goes!

Pontoon Boat rental

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Several Passengers and Existing Offer

You have to know how many people will accompany you. If 4-5 people attend, then a small boat will suffice, and if you have 12 persons, then a pontoon boat will do the trick. Just make sure the number of people first.

Then look for rental companies which are giving a discount on the boat. It will be both economically beneficial and a good deal. Most of the good companies offer such discounts, and it will be effortless to find a good company which is running a good business.

Get Information on the Local Laws

It is better to do the homework before going to rent a pontoon boat. You have to make sure everyone in your group is allowed to operate the vessel as well as know the maritime law of that region.

Credit: Norbanks

The companies follow a strict rule before handing you over the keys. Most of the companies follow the rules relatively less where they allow riding the vessel if you only have a license.

Make Sure You Understand the Rental Agreement

The companies follow a legal process while renting the pontoon boat. You have to go through the legal documents and read every single line before filling it up. There are described some of the points you should look after while paying for the boat:

  1. Check out the liability provisions
  2. Read the clauses related to the deposit

Scrutinize the Boat

You should not make a deal or sign before inspecting the boat carefully you are going to operate. During the inspection, you should search for scratches, cracks, or damaged equipment because you might be held responsible when giving back the boat to the rental or owner.

Don’t forget to make sure all the safety equipment is present. You should take a first aid kit and plenty of life jackets for everyone if any accident has occurred.


Larger boats often cost more than smaller pontoon boats. But the fishing pontoon boats, even though they are bigger, cost less than the luxury ones. You should get an idea of pricing before going to any rental company. It will help you to avoid any unwanted circumstances regarding money.

Learning to Drive the Boat

Now, this is a vital point. Of course, if the company doesn’t offer any captain with the boat, you have to drive the vessel on your own. Make sure that at least one person from your group can drive the boat. Or you can learn how to drive and enjoy the time if you want solitude.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the rental price?

The rental price depends on the boat, most importantly as well the condition of the respective area. If the place is trendy, then you have to spend money more than usual.

There are also some places where you can rent a boat for a few hundred dollars whereas in some areas the charge may go up to more than 600 dollars.

2. Where can we find rental places?

The answer is straightforward. You can find rental boats anywhere near the riverside areas.

If you want to make your list short, then search on the internet, mentioning the name of your area, and you will get your results quickly.


3. What is the weekly cost for renting a boat?

Rental costs vary from boat to boat, its size, and the overall condition. The geographical factor also affects the price. But a weekly rate is higher than the daily rate.

But, ultimately, it is found that the cost per hour becomes comparatively less in a weekly expedition.


These were some of the vital points you should consider before renting a pontoon boat. You can’t do anything without proper planning. So do this homework before stepping your foot outside.

We hope you will find your dream pontoon boat and can rent it without facing any hassle. And we wish you a happy holiday!

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