What is a Deckhand on a Yacht?

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

A deckhand is an entry-level position on a yacht. The main duties are cleaning, painting, and maintaining the vessel’s exterior. Deckhands also assist with docking and lines, anchoring, and mooring.

They also may stand watch or act as helmsman when necessary. Some deckhands are certified in CPR and first aid.

If you’re considering a career as a deckhand on a yacht, you might be wondering what the job entails. A deckhand is responsible for maintaining the exterior of the vessel and performing various tasks to keep the ship clean, safe, and running smoothly. Some of the duties of a deckhand include cleaning and polishing the hull and decks, painting, varnishing, repairs, fixing leaks, and other general maintenance.

Deckhands also handle lines when docking and launching the vessel, assist with mooring operations, stand watch duty, and help with navigation. In addition to these duties, deckhands may also be responsible for serving food and drinks to guests onboard or helping out in the galley. The hours can be long and demanding, but working on a yacht can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

If you’re hardworking and have a passion for the outdoors and boating, then a career as a deckhand might be right for you.

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Deckhand on Yacht Salary

Deckhands on yachts are responsible for a variety of tasks, including maintaining the deck, handling lines, and helping with sails. They also act as crew members during charter trips and help with customer service. Deckhands typically work long hours, often 10-12 hours per day.

While the job can be challenging, it is also rewarding, offering employees the opportunity to travel to amazing locations and meet interesting people. The salary for a deckhand on a yacht varies depending on the size of the vessel and the experience of the employee. On average, deckhands earn $3,500-$4,500 per month.

However, those working on larger vessels or with more experience can earn up to $6,000 per month. In addition to their salary, most deckhands also receive tips from customers which can add significantly to their income.

How to Become a Deckhand on a Yacht

If you want to become a deckhand on a yacht, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to be in good physical shape and able to handle long hours of work. Second, you need to have experience working on boats or yachts.

Third, it is helpful if you have prior customer service experience. Finally, you must be able to obtain a United States Coast Guard (USCG) license. The best way to become a deckhand is to have prior experience working on boats or yachts.

This will give you the necessary skills and knowledge for the job. If you do not have this experience, then you can still become a deckhand by completing a training program offered by the USCG. Once you complete the training program, you will then need to take and pass an exam in order to receive your license.

Once you have your USCG license, the next step is to find employment with a company that operates yacht charter services. There are many different companies that offer these services, so it should not be difficult to find one that is hiring deckhands. Once hired, your duties as a deckhand will include maintaining the exterior of the yacht, cleaning interior areas of the yacht as needed, and providing excellent customer service to guests onboard the vessel.

Deckhand Yacht Jobs No Experience

Do you dream of a life on the open sea? A deckhand job on a yacht could be your ticket to an amazing adventure. But what if you don’t have any experience?

Never fear! There are plenty of entry-level deckhand jobs available for those with no experience. The key is to score an interview with the right captain or charter company.

Here are some tips: Start by doing your research. Learn everything you can about the yachting industry and what it takes to be a successful deckhand.

Then, create a professional resume and cover letter that highlight your customer service and teamwork skills. Next, reach out to friends or family who might know someone in the yachting industry. Getting a personal referral can go a long way in securing an interview.

Finally, don’t forget to apply directly to charter companies and captains that are hiring! With hard work and a positive attitude, you can land your first deckhand job without any experience. Just remember to enjoy the ride!

Yacht Deckhand Jobs

Do you love spending time on the water? Do you have experience working on a yacht? If so, you may be interested in becoming a yacht deckhand.

As a deckhand, you will be responsible for maintaining the exterior of the vessel and assisting guests with any activities they participate in while onboard. This can include everything from setting up watersports equipment to serving drinks and food. Deckhands typically work long hours, but the days are often spent in beautiful locations and the job comes with great perks like free travel and room and board.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to see the world and get paid to do it, then a career as a yacht deckhand may be perfect for you!

How Much Does a Deckhand Make on a Yacht?

As of May 2019, the average deckhand salary in the United States is $31,849 per year. This can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including the size of the yacht, the location of the vessel, and the amount of experience the deckhand has. Generally speaking, a deckhand working on a small to medium sized yacht in popular charter destinations like the Mediterranean or Caribbean can expect to make around $3,000-$4,000 per month.

However, those working on larger yachts or in more exclusive locations can earn significantly more – sometimes up to $10,000 per month or more.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Deckhand?

Working as a deckhand on a boat can be a fun and exciting way to spend your time, but it’s important to know what the job entails before you get started. Here are the qualifications you need to be a deckhand: Physical fitness: As a deckhand, you’ll need to be physically fit enough to handle the demands of the job.

This includes being able to lift heavy objects, being comfortable working in cramped spaces, and being able to stand for long periods of time. Seaman’s book: In order to work as a deckhand, you’ll need to have a seaman’s book which is essentially a passport for sailors. You can apply for one at your local shipping office or through an online provider.

STCW Basic Training Certificate: The STCW Basic Training Certificate is required for all seafarers and covers four areas: personal safety and social responsibilities, firefighting and fire prevention, elementary first aid, and personal survival techniques. You can usually complete this training through an approved maritime school or training center. Deck department common tasks certificate: Although not required by law, most employers will require you to have this certificate which shows that you’ve completed training in common deck tasks such as mooring operations, anchor handling, line-handling procedures etc. again, this can be completed at an approved maritime school or training center.

How Hard is It to Be a Deckhand on a Yacht?

Working as a deckhand on a yacht can be both challenging and rewarding. The hours are long and the work is physically demanding, but you get to travel to beautiful places and meet interesting people from all over the world. The job of a deckhand is to maintain the exterior of the yacht, including cleaning, polishing, waxing and painting.

Deckhands also help with mooring lines and fenders when docking or undocking. They may also be responsible for operating tenders and other small boats, and helping passengers on and off the yacht. In addition to their regular duties, deckhands must be able to handle emergency situations calmly and effectively.

They need to know how to operate fire extinguishers, life rafts and other safety equipment. First aid training is also essential. Deckhands typically work 10-12 hour shifts, often split into two halves with a break in between.

Some yachts operate 24 hours a day, so deckhands may have to work night shifts as well. Overtime is often available during busy periods such as charter season or when owners are onboard. Salary is usually paid monthly plus tips from passengers (which can be significant).

What Exactly Does a Deckhand Do?

A deckhand is a member of the crew on a ship, responsible for maintaining the vessel and performing various tasks as directed by the captain or first mate. The specific duties of a deckhand vary depending on the type of vessel, but generally include maintaining the decks and superstructure, handling lines, setting anchors, operating winches and other machinery, painting, cleaning, and general maintenance. In addition to their regular duties, deckhands may also be called upon to assist with loading and unloading cargo, mooring the vessel to docks or buoys, standing watch, and even cooking or serving meals.

Deckhands typically work long hours with little time off; however, they are often able to enjoy stunning views and experience life on the open sea.


A deckhand is a member of the crew on a yacht who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the vessel. Their duties include cleaning, painting, and polishing the hull and decks; inspecting and repairing the rigging; and assisting with mooring and docking. Deckhands also act as stewards, serving meals and drinks to passengers, and providing customer service.