Pontoon Boat Manufacturers: Who Are the Market Leaders?

In our holidays, most of us go for fishing or pursue a good time with our dear ones. We can have them on a pontoon boat, as well as enjoy the beauty of riverside.

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  • One question may arise in your mind that who are the manufacturers of it or who are the present market leaders.

    Firstly, let's just have an idea about what a pontoon boat is.

    It is a flattish boat with ample space, given the facilities of seating, cabins, bars, etc. These are a typical figure at docks.

    Now, to mitigate the query, we are here to give you a glimpse of its market.

    We have conducted research and tried to make things easier for you. 

    Structure of a Pontoon Boat and Its Features

    It is a flattish boat that is constructed with Pontoon.

    Now, Pontoon is a flat bottomed barge, exceptionally large, that keeps the boat floating over the water surface. Pontoon boats can be huge, as well as medium in size. The modern pontoon boats run on highly equipped technologies and engines.


    Now, this boat can be used in various ways. Like, you can go fishing, take your whole family and friends along with you for sea cruising. Comfortable seating facilities, cabins, bars, dance floor, etc. are present in a pontoon boat.

    Manufacturers of Pontoon Boats

    There are lots of manufacturing companies across the country.

    Some are still at their top from the past, and some have given up at some point in their business voyage. We have tried to cover both of these two categories in our article. Below we are to discuss some pontoon boat manufacturers;

    Manitou Pontoon Boats

    Manitou Pontoon boats (1)

    This Company is considered as the market leader with its exceptional quality of pontoon boats. Their performance and service quality is up to the mark, and their engine is so stern that it gives the boat more acceleration power. These boats can be handled very easily, which is one of the unique features.

    Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats

    Sun Tracker manufacturer is prevalent as well as a successful company in the United States. They are producing different kinds of boats, and among them, pontoons are the noteworthy ones. The brand follows a food pricing policy, which the consumers appreciate a lot. 

    sun tracker pontoon boats

    They provide quality boats with an excellent service policy — no doubt why this company has become one of the behemoths in the industry.

    Weeres Pontoon Boats

    This company makes pontoon boats of different sizes. Large to a small size, which gives the consumer the power to limit their groups within the boat.

    Weeres pontoon boat has been running the business for an extended period of time, which provides them with the privilege of being the county’s one of the best companies as well the oldest one.

    This company is not only operating in the U.S.A but also working in other countries as well. They make quality pontoon boats and different types of boats with their long time of boating experience and development of ideas. 

    Avalon Pontoon Boats

    This company is very reliable when it comes to a quality pontoon boat. They will never disappoint you in any sector. Their service warranty is up to the mark, so is the quality of their parts and tools.

    Avalon Pontoon Boats

    They provide lots of installation in their pontoon boats, which give the customer a better boating experience, and their latest models are quite good too.

    Smoker Craft Pontoon Boats

    smoker craft pontoon boats

    This company is famous for its best warranty offers. Moreover, it is the best in this industry for the same factor. The limited warranties are mentioned below:

    1. Small lifetime Guarantee on Hull and Structure.
    2. Transferable to the second owner.
    3. Parts and labor included.

    Brunswick Corporations


    This company is the largest manufacturer of pleasure boats (pontoon boats) in the world. It was formed in the early twenty-first century, and its business is running well across the globe. At present, there are a total of 45 boat brands introduced by this company.

    The Market Leaders of Pontoon Boats

    We have researched this topic for quite a long time. After going through a lot of journals and internet tabs, we got some present market leaders of pontoon boats. This list is made from combining the statistics of different journals. Below are mentioned some top growing market holders of this very industry:

    1. Polaris Industries
    2. Avalon Pontoon Boats
    3. White River Marine Group
    4. Forest River
    5. Brunswick Corporation
    6. Manitou Pontoon Boats
    7. Tahoe
    8. Smoker Craft
    9. Silver Wave
    10. Larson Escape

    These companies are now leading the boat market across the globe. The statistics have been made following different indicators of market share and demand.

    Which Is the Best among All Companies?

    After comprehensive research, we have found the best pontoon boats for 2019. It was tough to pick up the best company because every company has its unique features. But we have picked a few among all leading brands as follows:

    1. Brunswick Corporation
    2. Larson Escape
    3. Manitou Pontoon Boats

    These companies have launched some quality pontoon boats until today and still trying to develop the overall industry.

    Other Facilities Provided by the Manufacturers

    Pontoon boat manufacturers not only offer pleasure boats but also provide some essential tools and features of it. They provide their customers with service facilities for some time at free of cost.

    pontoon boat manufacturer

    Some of the manufacturing companies also provide seating arrangements, fishing tools, pontoon mooring covers, various installations, etc. for the boat. Not all companies do the same, but some companies give their customers a good honor.

    Final Words

    The demand for pontoon boats is increasing across the world presently. People who want to enjoy their weekend on the river prefer this pleasure boat strongly. Well, as the demand is rapidly growing, the number of manufacturers and the production is growing at the same pace.

    To buy a pontoon boat, a person must gather some ideas about the manufacturing industry. It will help you to choose the best pontoon boat according to your needs. In this article, we have collected information on various pontoon boat manufacturers for you. We hope it will help you in the long run.

    You can also check our reviews of pontoon boats of different brands if you need to buy one.

    Last Updated on March 9, 2021