Polk Audion DB+ marine Subwoofer Review

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Which is that subwoofer that will give the best beats, last longer despite the moist nature of the marine life? With the Polk Audion marine subwoofer, you can be sure of that alongside high performance. If I share my opinions only, you would think I am overpraising this item. Look at its review below.


  • A bigger size for better bass
  • Robust power rating hence it can go louder without risking breakage
  • Marinized, therefore, water and humidity resistant
  • A lower profile design to take lesser installation space
  • A dynamic constructing technology to facilitate full-range sound
  • 350 watts RMS to give the best sound output


  • It would be better if it had wiring terminals instead of crimp connections

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Polk Audion DB+ marine Subwoofer Features

10-inch size

If you have tried to look at the subwoofers buyers guide, you must have noted the size attribute’s emphasis. Why? So simple, the bigger the size, the powerful is the sound of the woofer.

To our time of concern, it has a height of 10 inches. Considering the limited storage space in your boat or vehicle, that is a great size to give a booming sound.

350watts RMS

Yet, the RMS is such a critical but most overlooked factor. Thus, it never surprises anymore when most people are never satisfied with the subwoofers they purchase.

Root mean square(RMS) is the measure of the sound waves which determine the sound power level you can listen to for an extended. That means the higher is the RMS, the better is the subwoofer performance.

Good news!

This powerful marine subwoofer has an RMS of 350 watts. Consequently, it gives the best sound outputs for quite an extended period. Basically, its voice quality will not depreciate with time.


Marine subwoofers construction should be of higher expertise compared to the vehicle or house subwoofers. Why?

The marine subwoofers are exposed to high levels of humidity, which isn’t safe for metallic construction. Yet, there are other risks, such as high salt levels and UV.

For that reason, this Polk marine subwoofer marinization is like no other. It has an IP56 marine rating making it resistant to water, fog, salt, and UV.

Resultantly, it promises not only higher performance but as well as durability.

Dynamic technology crafting

Above the greatly powerful Rms, this fantastic item has a dynamic balance crafting technology. This type of crafting technique delivers very richly and cleaner sounds at a full range. In essence, the technology makes it more powerful.

Low profile design

Mounting space is a significant concern to marine subwoofers. Due to the mounting problems, most people will prefer a smaller-sized subwoofer, which lowers the bass output.

Though that is not the case with this subwoofer, nothing is left to chance. It has a low profile design, which helps to save space in the enclosed areas.

Hard to believe, it has a larger size for fantastic sound output, and yet it will take minimal mounting space.

The right impedance for high performance

Subwoofer impedance is the measure of the woofer’s electrical resistance, which is indicated in ohms. In a few words, the lower is the ohm rating, the better is the subwoofer performance.

The Polk marine subwoofer has an ohms rating range of less than 4 ohms. Meaning, its performance is super useful to give the most nuanced thumping sound.

Frequently asked questions

Q; how is the music rap of this subwoofer?

A; generally, the sound quality of this subwoofer is the best. It has an advanced technology crafting technique that enhances its sound output. Yet, it has a higher RMS rating for a full-range sound.

Q;  how much mounting space does this subwoofer take?

A; I get your fears likely, your storage space is relatively small. Fortunately, this powerful subwoofer has a low profile design to save on the mounting space

Q; how would you rate the Polk marine subwoofer?

A; at a rate of 10, I would give it 8. It is gigantic and has high power that offers full-range sound. What only disappoints me are the crimps connections. Otherwise, it is perfect.

Final remarks

To wrap up, besides checking on the sound performance of the marine subwoofer, you should be mindful of other risks such as the high salt levels, UV humidity, and mounting issues.

The Polk marine subwoofer not only solves all those issues but also offers the best sound quality, even for raps.

It has a high RMS rating, a larger size, and incorporates the latest technologies for the best performances. Yet when it comes to storage, its design saves a lot of space. I don’t know what you are waiting for! Order this item and enjoy the heart-thumping bass in the sea or land.

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