OEMTOOLS 24389 Oil Extractor Pump Review

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

The OEMTOOLS 24389, a robust oil extractor pump for boats, cars and trucks, exceeded our expectations in terms of efficiency, power, pressure, and capacity. Although it’s a manual one, it sports the toughness of an industrial pneumatic pump and it sure as hell can make your day better at the workshop!

The Good   

  • A 5-feet long hose helps with general automobile servicing functions
  • An additional 41-inch dipstick hose adapter ensures a long reach
  • The lid on the suction pump removes easily for oil recycling
  • The manual controls allow you to use the pump for a lot of applications
  • The shut-off valve helps with fluid extraction and prevents overflowing
  • Suitable for extracting radiator coolant, engine oil, water, transmission fluid, and more

The Bad 

  • The 5.3-liter oil capacity is quite lower compared to other pneumatic fluid extractors
  • Some users might not like to draw out every part for cleaning and maintenance

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This heavy-duty manual pump by OEMTOOLS has all you need to step up your automotive servicing game.

For starters, you have the main 5-feet suction hose for extracting many types of vehicle fluids, oils, and coolants alike. Its unibody design makes the 19-inch tall fluid evacuator totally leakproof and safe.

The unit also has a generous pressure to quickly extract vehicle fluids so you can wrap up your work. Its 5.6-quart reservoir houses the oils while an automatic valve closes the vacuum once the tank is full.

And the best part? It features not one but two 41-inch dipstick hoses with quick connectors so that you reach the maximum length.


  • Ideal hand pump for removing boat oil, car engine oil, transmission oil, coolant, etc.
  • The leak-proof pump has a 5.3-liter fluid capacity
  • Comes with an extra 17-inch hose adapter
  • The flexible hose size and matching adapters offer more versatility at work
  • Features a shut-off valve for hassle-free extraction
  • The two 41-inch dipstick adapters increase the reach
  • A 5-feet suction hose can maintain an 85-psi working pressure
  • You can convert the manual pump to a hydraulic clutch bleeder or a vacuum brake

Key Features

This oil extractor pump is another masterpiece from the best-selling product line by OEMTOOLS. Let’s see what it has to offer!

Leakproof Unibody and Neat Hoses

When it comes to changing your car engine oil, handling the nuts, screws, and drain plug almost always leads to an oily disaster. While a large part of it is caused by an improper fit, nothing beats the comfort of the OEMTOOLS 24389.

It has a heavy-duty, unibody design, and therefore, there is not a single leak on this whole device.

As for the hoses, the main one runs 5 feet in length- showcasing quality materials and a large enough opening to transfer oil as efficiently as possible.

Then there are the two dipstick hose adapters which are best left for trucks, marine, and aircraft engines.

Remarkable Working Pressure

Since it is a manual pump, a big part of its productivity depends on how well and how hard you are pumping. Other than that, all the connections are precision-welded so that the vacuum can give its maximum.

Even the whopping hose length was not enough for the slightest chance of pressure loss. The oil extractor only takes a hit in the volume of oils extracted at a time. The 1.4-gallon capacity is a bare minimum when you weigh in the extra-large coolant and fluid volume inside an aircraft.

An Automatic Valve Prevents Fluid Overflow

The last thing you want is to spill grease and oil on your driveway or garage floor. While you are pumping to your heart’s content, the reservoir might fill up and the next thing you know- you’re standing on sticky oil right out of the crankcase.

Luckily for you, this oil extraction pump features a much useful, automatic shut-off valve. It stops the vacuum suction so that no more oil can transfer into the reservoir. Now, you can safely dispose of the oil.

One thing we truly admired about the OEMTOOLS 24389 pump is that the safety valve stops all kinds of fluids from leaking. Its cutting-edge technology applies to liquids of all viscosities, including oil!

An Easy-to-Use Manual Pump

As thrilling as it is to be an independent car owner who not only changes the tires but also the engine oil, using a manual pump is one of the most annoying spadework you ever have to do. So, why use one?

We can’t speak for others but the OEMTOOLS 24389 is hands down one of the most efficient oil extractor pumps we had come across in a long, long time.

Additionally, the oversized handle allows you to pump comfortably for extracting fluid from cars, tractors, aircraft engines, hydraulic systems, and many more!

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

A manual pump like OEMTOOLS 24389 comes in handy when you have to change your car oil and coolant all by yourself. It also makes it easier for you to recycle the fluids and dispose of them in a safe, convenient manner.

It has all the specs to serve a full-time automobile mechanic for his/her regular automobile to majestic aircraft engines and even a holiday boat!

That said, you can benefit a lot from this brilliant oil extractor pump for everyday use.

It’s time you too gave the OEMTOOLS 24389 oil extractor pump a test run. We hope it cuts the deal for you as it did for us. Happy oil changing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a pneumatic oil extractor pump and a manual one? 

For starters, pneumatic oil extractor pumps need to connect to an air compressor for use. The air compressor creates a suction that draws out fluid and oil from car dipsticks. Since the pneumatic variation runs on an air compressor, it doesn’t need any pushing and pumping from your end.

On the other hand, a manual oil extractor pump relies on your labour. If you pump it faster all the way, you can extract as much oil as a pneumatic oil extractor disposes of.

How big should my oil extractor pump be? 

The reservoir size of your oil extractor pump depends largely on your use. If you want to service your own car, a pump with less than a 5-liter capacity should suffice. However, the situation is not the same for professional car technicians because they change the oils of cars, trucks, pickups in large volumes.

The OEMTOOLS 24389 oil extractor pump is our top choice for changing engine oils and coolants with comfort.