Newport Vessels Kayak Series Electric Trolling Motor Review

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Have you ever thought that the reason you have fruitless fishing expeditions is because of your boat? Yes, your boat. If you own a fishing boat, chances are that it is a speedboat with a noisy engine.

With the loud noise, such boats produce, it’s a miracle if you do catch any fish at all. Fish aren’t stupid creatures and know they are prey. They quickly react to any noise or disturbance in the water by scattering away.

That is why you need a quiet boat that will enable you to sneak up on the fish. But you can’t quieten a noisy boat engine, right? What do you do then? You get yourself a trolling motor,

One such device is the Newport Vessels electric trolling motor. The device will help you traverse the waters silently at a fair speed and boost your chances of catching some fish.

But what makes it able to steer the boat while being quiet? We answer that and much more in our Newport Vessels Kayak series electric trolling motor Review.

Our Verdict

Boasting a 24-inch fiberglass shaft gives you freedom of depth; this trolling motor makes a strong case. A six-inch telescoping handle, eight variable speeds, and an all-aluminum trolling motor head make it worth trying out.

With the reliable 36lb of thrust and a saltwater construction, you won’t this device will delight you. If you want a trolling motor that will give you dependable performance for a long time, then go for this one.

 The Good

  • Extra-long fiberglass shaft
  • Suitable for saltwater
  • Extra-long cables
  • Durable construction
  • Easy installation

The Bad

  • Quite heavy
  • Propeller vibrates

Newport Vessels Kayak Series Electric Trolling Motor at a Glance

Key Specs

  • Variable Speed: 2(5 forward and 3 Reverse)
  • Water Affinity: Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Handle: Six Inches(Telescoping)
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Shaft: 24 inches
  • Thrust: 36 lbs.

This trolling motor has several features that mark it out as one of the finest on the market.


It has a six-inch telescoping handle that provides you with better control of the boat or kayak. On the handle are eight-speed adjustment settings. Five of them are forward speeds and three reverse.

The speed settings enable you to navigate the waters with ease. You can also quickly change from a certain speed as fast as you want.


Apart from the eight speed settings, this trolling motor also comes with a long shaft that enables you to place it at various depths.

The shaft is of fiberglass material and will guarantee you superior performance for a long time. That is because of the material used to make it.


Although you have to buy the battery separately, you will get extra-long cables that allow you to place the battery anywhere within the boat. That will enable you to distribute the weight evenly in the boat for a smoother ride.

Saltwater Rating

Unlike many other trolling motors, the Newport Vessels Electric trolling motor is saltwater rated. What that means is that the material used to make it is resistant to corrosion from saltwater.

That makes it a highly versatile device since it can also work in freshwater.

Should You Buy It?

The Newport Vessels Kayak Series Electric Trolling motor makes quite the case for you to buy it. It has an extra-long and durable fiberglass shaft, eight speed settings, and a six-inch telescoping handle.

Buying it would be worth it. You, however, would have to contend with the weight. It is quite heavy and may have problems serving you well on a Kayak. The propeller also vibrates at times, adding to the few quirks it has.

That shouldn’t, however, dissuade you from buying it as the good far outweighs the bad.


Q: Does a heavier trolling motor work better?
A: Not always, since it depends on the boat you have it on.

Q: Can a trolling motor’s thrust determine how fast it is?
A: No. For any trolling motor, the speed can never go beyond five mph.

Q: Are trolling motors worth it?
A: Yes, they are. If you want a quieter boat then you should try trolling motors.

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