Must have Boat Accessories

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

A boat is a lot of fun. But when it’s time to dock, there are lots of things that need to be done – and oftentimes they’re not easy or convenient! That’s where the right boat accessories can help. What are the must have boat accessories? You’ll find out. 

From lighting to docking gear to securing items, there are lots of ways to make your boating experience more convenient and enjoyable. With the following 10 must-have boat accessories, you’ll be able to handle all of these tasks like a pro!

Here are 10 must have boat accessories to make docking easier:

1) Boat Dock Wheel Kit:

To choose a good wheel kit, first, visit your marina store or local boating superstore and look at the different types and brands. The size of your boat will be a major factor here, but so will personal preference – many prefer the roller wheels over swivel wheels, for example, as they are easier to use.

2) Boat Leveling Blocks:

These are the real workhorses of docking accessories – they help you get your boat level, and stay level while your boat is tied up at the dock. They come in all shapes and sizes, with different features to fit any situation. Not sure what you need? Ask a professional in your local marina store or boating superstore.

3) Dock Lines:

Dock lines are also part of the must have boat accessories for a few reasons. They keep you and your boat stable while docked so that it doesn’t move around on the dock.  They provide something to tie off to for securing items to the boat and help you get your boat level when docking. 

A lot goes into choosing the right set, but we can tell you that price is not the only factor to consider – diameter and material are also very important.

4) Retractable Cleats:

Retractable cleats are a great way to keep dock lines in place. Installed on the back of your boat, they can be extended out so you have room to tie off a line – then you can pull them back and secure them with an easy click!

5) Whisker Pole:

A whisker pole is one of the must have boat accessories that use dock lines. It’s essentially an anchor line that you attach to the boat and then pulls out when tying off your dock lines. Whiskers can be stored in the boat but are generally left on the water surface, attached to the back of your boat with a swivel cleat.

6) Waterproof Boxes for Cords and Wires: 

Electrical cords and wires can get wet – and even shorted out – if they are not protected. Look for waterproof boxes in your local marina store or boating superstore that you can use to keep electrical items secure, dry, and safe.

7) Marine Battery Tender/Solar Chargers:

Solar chargers are one of the must have boat accessories.  If your boat is at the dock for any length of time, you’ll want to make sure your marine batteries are charged. Invest in a marine battery tender or solar charger – tiny devices that keep your batteries charged up when they’re not being used!

8) Tool Pouch Organizer For Storage Below Deck:

With all of your boat’s accessories stashed in a convenient place, you’ll always know where they are and won’t have to spend time searching for them when you need them. 

9) Nautical Chart Holder:

Nautical charts are cool to have because they often tell you the depth of the water and any hazards that might be in your boating area. A good chart holder can help keep them protected from the elements and make it easy to access while on your boat. Be sure to get one with a location bracket so it can be placed right in front of your wheel.

10) A Good-Looking Flag To Let Other Boaters Know You’re There! 

The last on the list of 10 must-have boat accessories is a flag. A flag can be a lot of fun and a great way to let other boaters know that you are on your boat.  You can select from all kinds of colors and materials, so have fun picking out the right one!