MotorGuide Xi3 Bow Mount Trolling Motor Review

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Our Verdict:

What stands out about this trolling motor is the wireless control that makes operation smooth and straightforward. You don’t have to sit at a specific place to control it.

Another thing going for this trolling motor is the LED dashboard. With the dashboard, you can effortlessly see the status of all the functions and respond accordingly.

If you want an easy to use trolling motor, you won’t set a foot wrong with this one. It is way quieter than your boat’s engine, and with the three-blade propeller will wade through seaweed easily.

The MotorGuide Xi3 would therefore be worth your every penny.

The Good

  • Easy to use
  • LED dashboard for easy monitoring
  • Quiet operation
  • Wireless control
  • Secure Step system of control
  • Battery level indicator

The Bad

  • Not recommended for saltwater

Picture this; you are a struggling fisherman. You are struggling to get a productive catch large enough to earn you something.

Each time you get to a part with large shoals of fish, they somehow find a way to disappear due to your fishing boat’s noisy motor.

If that is your situation, it’s probably time you got yourself a trolling motor. Why a trolling motor?

Because a trolling motor is a less noisy substitute for any boat’s engine. The MotorGuide Xi3 is one option you can try out.

This MotorGuide Xi3 Bow Mount Trolling Motor Review will tell you all you need to know about it. You will also know whether getting it will have huge returns for you or not.

Let’s go.

MotorGuide Xi3 Bow Mount Trolling Motor at a Glance

There are certain features about this motor that will make you sit up and take notice. What stands out, however, is that the operation is relatively straightforward. That’s down to the features that come with it.

Key Specifications

  • Motor: 12 volts/
  • Amperage: 52 amps
  • Propeller: 3 blade macheter
  • Thrust:55 lbs.
  • Comfort: wireless, foot-controlled

With that out of the way, let’s have a closer look at what makes this trolling motor one of the best.


At the heart of the ease of use for this trolling motor is the wireless operation. That makes it very easy to control as you can operate it from wherever you are sitting in the boat.

As if that isn’t enough, it comes with a foot pedal that you can decide to use whenever you don’t want to use the remote. How about that!


The MotorGuide Xi3 comes with a powerful motor that guarantees you silent power. That’s because it is up to 40 percent quieter than other trolling motors. You won’t have any fears of spoking the fish.

The motor gives the trolling motor about 55 pounds of thrust that enables you to move fast enough in the water without producing much noise.


This trolling motor has a design that’s easy to control and deploy and stow. That is thanks to the secure step lever that makes it effortless to stow.

GPS Navigation

To aid you in your navigation, you get a GP signal. The GPS offers you advanced precision navigation for better control of the boat. You can easily anchor, jog, or cruise thanks to the GPS.


With the digital management system, it is easier to manage the battery to serve you longer.

Moreover, the LED light indicator on the battery ensures you monitor the battery’s level.

Final Words: Should You Buy It?

It is only natural to want a device that you can easily control. That is why this trolling motor would be the right fit for you. If you need an easy to use trolling motor, you need not look any further than this trolling motor.

Who wouldn’t want the convenience to control a boat from anywhere with a wireless remote? This trolling motor offers precisely that. You should buy this motor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I count on the MotorGuide Xi3 trolling motor?
A: Yes, you can. It is easy to use ad has several features that will make you fall in love with it.

Q: Can a car battery work for a trolling motor
A: No. A car battery will damage the trolling motor.

Q: Can a 12V battery be enough for a trolling motor?
A: Yes, it is.