Jon Boat Storage Ideas

Last Updated on October 1, 2022

Have you ever experienced what it feels like to be on a boat with little storage space? Aside from worrying about getting to your destination, you have to worry about where to place your valuable items. Well, you are not alone. In a vessel like Jon boat, you are more likely to experience this. 

However, you shouldn’t feel deterred about having enough storage space to keep your gears. Whether you are out fishing or you just want to spend some time on the water, there are ways by which you can develop some storage ideas. This article explores those storage ideas while giving you some tips on how to set them up. 

What is a Jon Boat?

Jon Boat, also known as John boat, is a flat-bottomed vessel notable among fishermen, dock owners, hunters, and other professionals. It is made from materials such as wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. A typical Jon boat is small in size, light in weight, and even simple to use. Besides, they are inexpensive and relatively easy to use. The flat-bottom shape of the boat and its built-in benches makes it suitable for recreational purposes.

In other words, you could sit back and relax on this boat when you intend to spend some time on the water. However, due to the limited space on the boat, you may not have enough dry space to store your gears. To overcome this hurdle, you will have to improvise and create a storage space that can keep some of your gears from getting wet. The next section discusses some storage ideas you can create in your boat. 

Storage Ideas for the Jon Boat

Storage space is a crucial part of any boat. That doesn’t exclude the Jon boat that has enough floor space for storing items. However, that is not enough if you don’t want your gears wet. Here, you could customize some storage ideas that enhance the utility of the vessel. You could add some gear or baits to the storage space. 

To do this, you will have to convert the bench seatings of the boat to some storage compartments. Depending on the material used in producing your boat, you will have to build your storage space through different mechanical devices. In some cases, you can utilize aluminum framing and plywood to construct the space. In other situations, you can purchase some removable tubs that are quite easy to install. Irrespective of the material you choose, ensure that it is water-resistant and will not cause problems for the boat itself. 

How to construct storage space in your Jon Boat

There are several materials you can use to construct storage space in your boat. Some of these materials include:

  • Plywood

To construct a storage space with plywood, start by getting at least five pieces of ¾″ plywood. If you want a bigger compartment, you will need to get more plywoods. Next, cut two side pieces of the plywood and give them a 45° angle at the end. Then, attach the pieces to the side of the inner side of the boat through the use of a cleat. Utilize glue and screw to put them in place. 

After this, cut a front piece that is similar to the width of the boat and has the same height as its sides. Give them a 22½ degree angle at the top. Place the wood on the bottom of the boat and trace a line to indicate where you will cut. This line helps you with a cleat that you will eventually use for support. Afterward, screw the cleat to the bottom of the wood to put it in place. Mark and measure an opening that you will use as the door. Cut it out. 

Then, take another sheet of plywood and give it a 22½ degree, cut along one side, dry fit to the prow, trace the lines, and cut it out to match the size. Attach what you just cut to the prow and the front sides. Take the last piece of the plywood and give it a 22½ degree cut along its side. Then, do the same to the other side as well. Tack the two pieces together and attach them to the front piece. 

After this, you can wet the area and apply glue before screwing it into the sides of the boat. After screwing, you can tack it into the cleat. After this, you can take the piece you cut out from the opening of the front piece and attach it to the structure using a door hinge. Finally, you can add a handle and a simple door latch to hold it in place. 

  • Storage Bin

You can also use a storage bin as a storage space in your Jon boat. In many situations, this storage bin comes with a removable tub that extends the utility of your vessel. To install this storage, you can start by measuring the upper part of the container. After measuring, you can use the upper lid to mark out where to cut on the bench. Measure and cut this part out. After cutting, you will be left with a hollow space. Here, you can dip the storage bin into the hollow space. The storage bin has some pilot hole on its hem which allows screwing for it to be held in place.

 Insert screws into the pilot hole and drill it with a ⅛ inch drill bit. Do this carefully to avoid screwing without holding your bin properly. When you get it done successfully, your storage bin will be held firmly by the screws. Then, you can add the removable tub to hold your gear. Besides, you can do this on both sides of the bench to have extra space. This method is easier than other options because you don’t have to spend lots of energy. With the bin, some screws, and a mechanical device, you can get it all done. within an hour. Meanwhile, you can spend about two to three hours sitting out other methods. 


Although Jon Boat has limited space, you can create your storage space with the above-mentioned ideas. Try them out to extend the utility of your boat.