How to Upgrade Your Kayak Seat

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your kayak seat? Do you need it to be elevated so that you can sit with better posture and take in the views? In this article, we’ve collected some of the best tips on how to upgrade your kayak seat. You’ll find everything you need here.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Kayak Seat?

Upgrading your kayak seat will allow you to have a better experience on the water. Before anything, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your needs? You should always begin by figuring out why exactly you want to upgrade your kayak seat. 
  • Are you a frequent kayaker?
  • Do you enjoy paddling long distances in open water? 
  • Or are you simply looking for something so that it’s more comfortable when you paddle with your family and friends?
  • Where can you install them?

It’s important to think about where exactly these upgrades can go within your kayak. This is often a matter of personal preference or even practicality, depending upon how much space is available inside of your boat.

How to Upgrade Your Kayak Seat?

  • Consider purchasing a new kayak seat

If your current seat is simple and uncomfortable, a new model will improve your experience on the water. These seats are usually more rigid and often feature better back support. Some of them even have additional padding to make it easier to enjoy long trips.

  • Consider installing a footrest

A rear footrest can be installed either behind you or in front of you, depending upon which is most convenient for you as an individual. This additional feature allows you to elevate your legs and get that much-needed rest break when you’re paddle out in open water for long periods of time.

  • Upgrade your old kayak seat with a cushion or pad

If you feel as though your old seat still has some life left in it, consider purchasing a cushion or pad for it. This will not only make things more comfortable for you while you’re out on the water, but it can help to preserve your kayak seat and extend its lifespan.

Inflatable pads are also available if you want to get something a little sturdier and less likely to deflate accidentally. Make sure that yours fits snugly into place whenever possible so that you don’t lose any of your buoyancy capacity by mistake.

  • Use an inflatable kayak seat

If your boat doesn’t offer sufficient space for installing another chair, consider purchasing an inflatable option instead. You’ll be able to inflate it whenever you need a comfortable place to sit and relax, then deflate it for easy storage.

This type is also available in multiple sizes so that you can find one that will fit into every kayak model without causing problems.

  • Add an additional backrest to your current kayak seat for extra comfort

Many people overlook this option, but getting an additional backrest can make a world of difference when it comes to the amount of comfort you enjoy while here on your kayak seat. Most models are sold separately and they’re easy to install onto any existing model. Just attach them together in place with straps or even rope if need be.

  • Add a neoprene padding between your hands and the handle

This will make it easier for you to hold onto the paddle without having to worry about getting blisters or callouses by accident. If necessary, consider wearing gloves while performing this type of upgrade so that it’s not accidentally scraped away during any maneuvering that might occur on the water.

Many models are also available in different colors. Make sure yours matches with the rest of your outfit when out on the water.

  • Consider purchasing a neoprene cover

The last option for how to upgrade your kayak seat is a neoprene cover. Neoprene covers are made from synthetic rubber that is resistant to the elements and can help to keep water away from your body. 

This makes it much more comfortable for you, even if you plan on being out in open water where the wind may be stronger than usual and colder temperatures are common. 

They also don’t absorb moisture easily, so sweat won’t accumulate on them when you’re getting caught up in an intense workout routine!

Where to Install These Upgrades

The back of your seat 

You should consider upgrading the back of your kayak seat first because it’s one of the most important factors that will determine how comfortable of an experience you’ll have. 

Some people like to install a whole new model of chair that is more comfortable or ergonomic, while others like to simply add padding and covers for protection. It’s your choice, but this should be the first place you upgrade.

The front of your seat 

This area gets a lot of action if you’re paddling in open water because it will get splashed with water as the waves move past you or if another boat passes by. 

Many people think about adding covers here, but some prefer to use inflatable options instead so that they can easily deflate them when they approach their dock or return home after enjoying an afternoon on the water!

Tips for Upgrading Your Kayak Seat

Do some research online before heading out to make sure that your upgrade is compatible with your model. While many seats will work in any model, some upgrades are only meant for specific models and you don’t want to waste a lot of money on an option that won’t fit into your boat!

Take measurements beforehand so that you can ensure that the chair or seat cover fits perfectly. You should also try it out before installing anything so that you know exactly how it feels.

If possible, ask friends who have upgraded their kayak seat to see which options they chose and why, this could help steer you in the right direction as well!

Most importantly: use common sense when upgrading your vehicle and never rush into an installation without knowing what you’re doing. 

It’s important to make sure everything is working correctly before heading out on the water, especially if you’re going to be in open water. You don’t want to end up hurting yourself or damaging your boat!

How to Upgrade Your Kayak Seat – Conclusion

There are many reasons why you may want to upgrade your kayak seat. It could be for more comfort, better padding that will prevent you from getting blisters while out on the water, or simply to keep the elements away from your body while exercising in open waters. 

Either way, it’s important to make sure that your upgrades are properly installed and that you have the right measurements so that it doesn’t fall out of place!

Last Updated on August 31, 2021