How to Remove Back to Back Boat Seats?

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Assuming you have two back to back boat seats and would like to remove them, here are a few tips. Generally, there will be four bolts holding the seat in place. Two of these will be at the front of the seat, while the other two will be at the back.

In order to remove the seat, you will need to unscrew all four of these bolts. However, before doing so, it is important to make sure that you have something supporting the weight of the seat. This could be another person or a piece of furniture.

Once you have removed all four bolts, carefully lift the seat off of its base and set it aside.

Back to Back Boat Seats

  • Unscrew the bolts that are holding the back to back boat seats in place
  • Carefully remove the seats from the boat
  • Take the seats to a comfortable work area where you can lay them flat on their backs
  • Use a putty knife or other sharp object to scrape off any old adhesive that is still stuck to the seats
  • Clean the area where the adhesive was with a solvent such as rubbing alcohol
  • Apply new adhesive to the seats and then place them back in the boat
  • Screw the bolts back into place to secure the seats

Replacing Back to Back Boat Seats With Pedestals

If you have a boat with back-to-back seats, you may want to consider replacing them with pedestals. Pedestals offer several advantages over back-to-back seats. They are more comfortable for sitting, they allow you to swivel around to talk to people on either side of you, and they provide storage underneath the seat.

Replacing your back-to-back seats with pedestals is not a difficult task. You will need to remove the old seats and any hardware that is attached to them. Then, you will need to install the new pedestals in their place.

Once the pedestals are in place, you can then attach your new seats to them. The process of replacing back-to-back seats with pedestals is relatively simple and can be completed in a few hours. The benefits of having pedestals on your boat are well worth the effort involved in replacing the seats.

Used Back to Back Boat Seats

If you have a boat, chances are you’ve considered adding back to back boat seats. Boat seats are essential for comfort while boating, and back to back seats offer the perfect solution for smaller boats. Here’s everything you need to know about used back to back boat seats!

What are Back to Back Boat Seats? Back to back boat seats are simply two boat seats that face each other. They’re often found in smaller boats, as they don’t take up a lot of space.

However, they can also be added to larger boats as additional seating. Why Choose Back to Back Boat Seats? There are a few reasons why you might choose back to back boat seats over other types of seating.

First, they’re very versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, you can use them for lounging, sunbathing, or even fishing. Additionally, they’re great for socializing since you can easily talk with someone sitting across from you.

And finally, they’re very affordable – especially if you opt for used ones! Where Can I Find Used Back to Back Boat Seats? The best place to find used back-to-back boat seats is online through classifieds websites or forums dedicated to boating.

You might also find them at garage sales or thrift stores, but these will likely be in poor condition. When shopping online, be sure to check the seller’s feedback score and read the item description carefully before making a purchase. How Much Should I Expect To Spend on Used Back To Back Boat Seats?

Prices will vary depending on the condition and brand of the seat , but you should expect to spend around $100-$200 per seat . If you’re looking for a real bargain , keep an eye out for sales or promotions .

Back to Back Boat Seats Without Base

If you’re looking for a way to add more seating to your boat without taking up a lot of space, back-to-back boat seats are a great option. These seats can be placed anywhere on the boat, and they don’t require a base or anything else to be attached to the floor. One thing to keep in mind when choosing back-to-back boat seats is that they can make it difficult to move around the cabin.

If you have young children or pets on board, you might want to consider another type of seating arrangement. But if space is limited and you need extra seating, back-to-back boat seats are definitely worth considering.

How to Remove a Boat Seat

It’s not unusual for a boat seat to become loose over time. If this happens, it’s important to remove the seat so that you can reattach it properly. Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by removing the screws that hold the seat in place. You may need a screwdriver or power drill for this. 2. Once the screws are removed, lift the seat up and off of the boat.

3. Inspect the area where the seat was attached. If there is any damage, you’ll need to repair it before reattaching the seat. 4. To reattach the seat, simply reverse the process you used to remove it.

Start by attaching theseat with screws, then tighten them until they’re snug but not too tight.

How to Remove Lounge Boat Seats

Assuming you want tips on how to remove lounge boat seats: 1. First, identify the type of fastener used to attach the seat. This will determine the tools needed for removal.

The most common types are screws, bolts, or snaps. 2. If the seat is screwed in, remove the screws with a screwdriver. Be careful not to strip them.

If they are rusted, use WD-40 or another rust penetrant first and let it sit for a while before trying to unscrew them again. 3. If the seat is bolted in, remove the bolts with a wrench or socket set. Again, be careful of rust and useWD-40 if necessary.

4. To remove snap-in seats, first locate the snaps (usually at the base of the seat). There will be a male and female side to each snap – one side will have a protruding “button” andthe other will have a recessed “socket”. Use a flathead screwdriver or similar tool to pry up onthe button side of each snap until it pops out of its socket.

How Do You Remove a Boat Seat?

If you need to remove a boat seat, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll need to detach the seat from the floor or deck of the boat. To do this, you’ll likely need to unscrew any bolts that are holding it in place.

Once the seat is detached, you can then lift it out of the boat. If there are any other pieces attached to the seat, such as armrests or headrests, you’ll need to remove those as well. Once the seat is out of the boat, you can start cleaning it.

If the seat is made of fabric, you may be able to wash it in a washing machine. However, if the seat is made of leather or vinyl, you’ll likely need to clean it by hand using soap and water. Once the seat is clean,you can then reattach it to the boat using screws or bolts.

How Do You Get a Stuck Seat Out of a Boat Pedestal?

If you have a stuck seat in a boat pedestal, there are a few things you can try to get it out. First, try wiggling the seat back and forth to see if it will loosen. If that doesn’t work, try using a screwdriver or another tool to pry the seat up.

If all else fails, you may need to cut the seat out with a saw.

How Do You Remove Seats from a Bass Boat?

There are a few different ways that you can remove seats from a bass boat. The first way is to simply unscrew the bolts that are holding the seat in place. This is the most common method and is typically the easiest way to remove a seat.

Another way to remove a seat is by cutting the fabric that is holding the seat onto the boat. This method is not as common, but can be necessary if the bolts are rusted or difficult to remove. Finally, some seats may be held in place with velcro or other similar materials.

In this case, simply peel back the material and remove the seat.

How Much Does It Cost to Redo Seats on a Boat?

If you’re looking to give your boat’s seats a makeover, the cost will vary depending on a few factors. First, you’ll need to decide what type of fabric you want for your new seats. Marine-grade vinyl is a popular choice for boat seating because it’s durable and easy to clean.

But if you’re looking for something more luxurious, like leather or Sunbrella fabric, be prepared to pay more. Next, you’ll need to consider the size and number of seats you need to recover. If you have a small boat with only a few seats, the job will obviously be less expensive than recovering all the seating on a large yacht.

And finally, don’t forget to factor in the cost of any new foam or batting that may be needed to make your seats comfortable again. All told, expect to spend anywhere from $100-$1000 or more on redoing the seats on your boat – it all just depends on how extensive of a job you’re looking at doing.


If you have ever had to remove back to back boat seats, then you know how difficult it can be. There are a few different ways that you can go about removing them, but the most common way is to use a pair of needle nose pliers. First, you will want to find the two screws that are holding the seat in place.

Once you have found those, you will want to loosen them up so that they are easy to remove. After the screws have been removed, you should be able to simply pull the seat out from its location.