How to Make a Jon Boat a Bass Boat?

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

When it comes to fishing, there are a lot of different options out there in terms of boats. But if you’re looking for a smaller option that can still get the job done, then a jon boat might be the way to go. And while they’re great for fishing in general, with a few modifications, you can turn your jon boat into an even better bass boat.

  • Decide what size and style of Jon boat you want to convert into a Bass boat
  • Choose the right type of outboard motor for your Bass boat
  • Install a trolling motor on the front of your Bass boat
  • Add fishing gear and other accessories to your Bass boat
  • Launch your new Bass boat and enjoy fishing on the water!

CHEAP Jon Boat to Bass Boat HOMEMADE Build!!! (How To Make)

Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion Kit

If you’re a fan of fishing, then you know that there are many different types of boats that can be used for the sport. One popular type of boat is the jon boat. Jon boats are great for fishing in smaller ponds and lakes, but if you want to venture out into larger bodies of water, you may want to consider converting your jon boat into a bass boat.

There are many different kits available on the market that will allow you to do this conversion. The most important part of the kit is the transom. This is what will support the engine and provide power to your new bass boat.

You’ll also need a trolling motor and some other accessories to complete the conversion. One thing to keep in mind is that converting a jon boat into a bass boat will likely increase its weight, so make sure that your trailer can accommodate the extra weight. With a little bit of work, you can turn your jon boat into a versatile fishing machine that’s ready for any adventure!

Jon Boat Conversion Kit

If you’ve ever wanted to convert your Jon boat into a Bass boat, there’s now a kit for that! The Bass Boat Conversion Kit from Cabela’s includes everything you need to make the transformation, including a casting platform, front deck and side rails. The kit is easy to install and requires no welding or major modifications to your boat.

It’s also surprisingly affordable, making it a great option for budget-minded anglers. So what are you waiting for? Get the Bass Boat Conversion Kit and start fishing in style!

14 Foot Jon Boat to Bass Boat

A 14 foot Jon boat is a great option for those looking for a smaller, more maneuverable vessel to take out on the water. These boats are typically used for fishing or hunting and can be easily towed behind a car or truck. Some Jon boats come with a small outboard motor, but many are designed to be paddled or rowed.

If you’re interested in fishing from a Jon boat, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. First, these boats are not designed for speed, so you’ll need to choose your fishing spots carefully. Second,Jon boats can be unstable if not loaded properly, so make sure to distribute your gear evenly throughout the boat.

And finally, since Jon boats sit low in the water, be prepared for waves and windy conditions. With proper care and maintenance, your 14 foot Jon boat can provide years of enjoyment on the water.

Jon Boat to Bass Boat for Sale

Looking for a new boat? Check out this Jon Boat to Bass Boat for sale! This boat is perfect for those who love to fish, as it comes equipped with everything you need to make your next catch.

The Jon Boat to Bass Boat features a live well, rod holders, and plenty of storage space for all your gear. It also has a trolling motor and depth finder, so you can easily find the perfect spot to drop your line. Best of all, this boat is priced right – so don’t miss your chance at owning the perfect fishing vessel!

Can You Turn a Jon Boat into a Bass Boat?

Yes, you can turn a jon boat into a bass boat. However, it is important to note that there are some key differences between the two types of boats that you will need to take into account. For example, jon boats are typically narrower and have shallower drafts than bass boats.

This means that they are not as stable and may not perform as well in rough water conditions. Additionally, jon boats typically have less storage space than bass boats, so you will need to be mindful of this when packing your gear. Finally, jon boats do not usually come equipped with livewells or other fishing-related features that are standard on most bass boats.

With all of this in mind, you will need to decide if the trade-offs are worth it for you before making the switch from a jon boat to a bass boat.

Is a Bass Boat a Jon Boat?

A jon boat is a flat-bottomed vessel, often used for fishing in shallow waters. They are usually small and maneuverable, but can also be large enough to accommodate a motor and several passengers. Bass boats are typically designed for fishing in deeper waters and are equipped with features that make them ideal for this purpose, such as livewells, storage for fishing gear, and powerful engines.

While a bass boat can technically be used as a jon boat, it is not ideally suited for this type of activity and would not perform as well as a dedicated jon boat.

Is a Jon Boat Good for Bay Fishing?

Jon boats are designed for shallow water fishing, so they are ideal for bay fishing. They have a flat bottom which makes them stable and easy to maneuver in shallow waters. Jon boats also have a small draft, so they can get into areas where other boats can’t go.

How Can I Make My Jon Boat Better?

There are a few things you can do to make your jon boat better. First, you can add a trolling motor to help with propulsion. Second, you can add a fish finder to help locate fish in the water.

Third, you can add a depth finder to help you stay within safe depths while out on the water. Finally, you can add some storage compartments or bins to help keep your gear organized and dry. By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy your jon boat even more!


Making a jon boat into a bass boat is not as difficult as one might think. With some simple modifications, a jon boat can be turned into an excellent fishing vessel. The first step is to add a trolling motor to the back of the boat.

This will give the boat the ability to move around in the water without having to row. Next, add some fishing seats to the front of the boat. These seats will provide a comfortable place for anglers to sit while they are waiting for their next big catch.

Finally, add a livewell to the back of the boat. This will allow fishermen to keep their catch fresh and ready to eat when they get back to shore. By following these simple steps, anyone can turn their jon boat into a bass boat that is perfect for fishing trips.