How to Change a Tire on a Boat Trailer? Simple Guide

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

It is seen that many boat trailer owners got stuck while changing the tire of their boat trailer. This is very unfortunate. As a boat trailer owner, you must know how to change your boat trailer tire. Changing the boat trailer tire is pretty easy and does not take much time. You can do it by yourself.

In this article, I will talk about the detailed steps following which you can change your boat trailer tire. If you are looking for the same thing, then this article is going to be highly beneficial to you. So, let’s dive into the core section.

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Changing Boat Trailer Tire – Step by Step

Lifting the Boat Trailer

Well, you should start with parking your trailer in a place that is safe, off to the crowd and any other moving vehicles. Make sure that you are using wheel chocks and parking brake. After parking, your next task is to haul the trailer. You can do it easily using a jack. You need to off the nut that holds the ready jack on the trailer. As a result, the jack will take its position and now it is ready for lifting the trailer.

Changing the Tire

After lifting the trailer, now you need to loosen the lug nuts using a wrench. Well, lots of people used to remove the lug nuts, whereas my recommendation is not to remove it. You should just lose the lug net so that you can remove them easily once the tire is heightened adequately.

Now, you need to move your vehicle a bit so that you can easily take off the tire from the axle and also can install the new one as well. You need to move your vehicle about 12-inches. Once you are done with moving the vehicle, this means you are done lifting the trailer. It’s time to remove the lug nuts from the wheels that you want to change. After removing the lug nuts, you can take off the wheel.

So, your next task is to take off the wheel with the tire that you want to change and you can replace a new wheel along with a tire in its place.  After that, put the lug nuts back that you remove into their place. Use the wrench and tighten the lug nuts. Make sure that all nuts have tightened adequately. Loosen nuts can bring serious accidents.

That’s all. You are done with changing the tire of your boat trailer. Now, you just need to make your trailer lower back into its place.

Making the Boat Trailer Lower

Now, you have to back the trailer into its place safely. For lowering the trailer, you need to let-off the parking brake and remove the wheel chocks. Then, you have to lower your trailer gradually as you raised the trailer earlier. Once you find the trailer is flat on the ground, you need to stop your vehicle and set the parking brake.

After that, you just need to raise the ready jack so that you can insert the holding-pin that is used for securing the jack into the trailer. Once you are done with it, this means you have done your job. You are completely done with changing the tire on your boat trailer.

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