How Much to Reupholster Pontoon Boat Seats?

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

When it comes to reupholstering pontoon boat seats, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the size of the seat will determine how much fabric you’ll need. Second, the type of fabric you choose will also affect the cost.

Finally, the amount of work involved in the project will impact the price. With that said, here’s a general guide on how much it costs to reupholster pontoon boat seats.

If you’re considering reupholstering your pontoon boat seats, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost. The answer, of course, depends on a number of factors – the size and condition of your seats, the fabric you choose, and whether or not you do the work yourself. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to pay:

– For basic seat covers (no piping or other embellishments), plan on spending $30-$50 per seat. – If you want to add piping or other details, expect to add $10-$20 per seat. – If your seats are in bad shape and need some repair work before they can be recovered, that will add to the cost.

As for doing the work yourself, it’s definitely possible – but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not confident in your sewing skills, it’s probably best to leave this project to a professional upholsterer. But if you’re feeling brave and have some time on your hands, recovering your own seats can save you a significant amount of money.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Pontoon Seat Upholstery?

The cost of pontoon seat upholstery can vary depending on the type of fabric and design you choose. The average cost for a basic vinyl upholstery is around $30 per yard, while more elaborate designs and fabrics can cost upwards of $100 per yard. When budgeting for your project, be sure to factor in the cost of any tools or supplies you’ll need to complete the job, as well as the time it will take to complete the work.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Boat Seats Redone?

When considering redoing your boat seats there a few things you must take into account. The first being the cost of materials, and the second being the cost of labor. The price of marine-grade vinyl can range from $40 to $60 per yard, and you will need about 2 yards for a standard bench seat.

So that puts the cost of materials at around $100. You may also need to purchase some additional supplies such as backing, webbing, and zippers which can add another $50 to the total. As for labor, it is difficult to say how much it will cost as it will depend on the complexity of the job and who you hire to do it.

A good rule of thumb is to expect to pay about $50 per hour for professional upholstery work. So if it takes 6 hours to complete the job, then you are looking at a bill of around $300 for labor. In summary, expect to spend between $400 and $500 to have your boat seats redone by a professional upholsterer.

If you are feeling handy then you could save on labor costs by doing it yourself, but be prepared to invest some time into learning how to upholster correctly.

How Do You Redo Pontoon Boat Seats?

If your pontoon’s seats are looking a little worse for wear, you can give them new life with a few simple steps. First, remove the old upholstery and any staples or tacks. Next, use heavy-duty scissors or a utility knife to cut new fabric to size.

Be sure to add several inches all the way around so you have plenty of material to work with. After cutting the fabric, lay it out on top of the old upholstery and use it as a template to mark where you’ll need to make cuts for armrests, headrests, and other features. Then, remove the old foam from the seating area (you can usually just peel it off).

Once that’s done, clean the surface of the wood or metal beneath so it’s free of dirt and debris. Now you’re ready to start stapling! Begin by attaching the fabric along one edge of the seat, pulling it taut as you go.

Continue until all the edges are covered, then trim away any excess material. Finally, add new foam cushions (if necessary) and reattach any removable parts like armrests or headrests.

Can I Recover My Own Boat Seats?

If you have a few hours and some basic sewing skills, you can reupholster your own boat seats. You’ll need to remove the old fabric and foam, then measure and cut new pieces to fit. Attach the new fabric with marine-grade upholstery adhesive, and staple or sew it in place.

Finally, add new foam and trim if desired. The entire process will take several hours, but it’s a great way to save money and get exactly the look you want for your boat.

How to Reupholster the Seat for a Pontoon Bench

Reupholster Pontoon Boat Seats near Me

If you’re looking for a way to add new life to your pontoon boat, reupholstering the seats is a great option. Not only will it give your boat a fresh, new look, but it can also be more comfortable and durable than the old upholstery. Plus, it’s a relatively easy project that you can do yourself with some basic tools and materials.

To get started, you’ll need to remove the old upholstery from your pontoon boat seats. This can be done by carefully cutting it away with a utility knife or razor blade. Once the old upholstery is removed, you’ll need to clean and prep the surface before adding the new fabric.

This involves sanding down any rough edges and cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol or another cleaner designed for automotive surfaces. Once the surface is prepped, you can begin adding the new upholstery. Start by measuring and cutting pieces of fabric that will fit over each seat.

Then, use an adhesive spray or glue to attach the fabric to the seat base. You may also want to use staples or other fasteners to secure the fabric in place while it dries. After the adhesive has had time to dry, you can trim any excess fabric and add any finishing touches like buttons or piping.

And that’s it! You’ve now successfully reupholstered your pontoon boat seats and given your boat a whole new look.

Pontoon Boat Seat Upholstery Kits

If you own a pontoon boat, chances are you will eventually need to replace the upholstery on the seats. Pontoon boats are typically used in fresh water, which can take its toll on the fabric over time. The good news is that there are many companies that sell pontoon boat seat upholstery kits.

These kits come with everything you need to replace the upholstery on your pontoon boat seats, including the fabric, foam, and instructions. When choosing a pontoon boat seat upholstery kit, it is important to choose one that is made from high-quality materials. The last thing you want is for your new upholstery to start falling apart after just a few uses.

Also, be sure to select a kit that includes enough fabric to cover all of your seats. It is also a good idea to buy extra fabric in case you make a mistake during installation or need to patch something later down the road. Installing new upholstery on your pontoon boat seats is not as difficult as it may seem.

With a little patience and attention to detail, anyone can do it! Just be sure to follow the instructions included with your kit carefully so that everything turns out looking great.

Boat Reupholstering near Me

If you’re looking for a boat reupholstering service near you, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to make sure that the company you choose has experience with boats. There are many different types of fabrics and materials used on boats, so it’s important to find a company that knows what they’re doing.

Second, you’ll want to get an estimate from the company. This will help you budget for the project and ensure that you’re getting what you expect. Finally, be sure to ask for pictures of previous work.

This will give you an idea of the quality of workmanship and material selection that the company offers.

Boat Upholstery Price List

Boat upholstery can range in price depending on the size of the boat, the type of fabric, and the amount of work required. Here is a basic price list to give you an idea of what to expect: -Basic vinyl upholstery: $30-$50 per yard

-Fancy vinyl upholstery: $50-$70 per yard -Leather upholstery: $100-$150 per yard


Upholstering your pontoon boat seats yourself is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to give your boat a fresh, new look. The cost of the materials will vary depending on the type and amount of fabric you use, but you can expect to spend around $100-$200 on average. The most important thing to keep in mind when reupholstering your pontoon boat seats is to make sure that the fabric you choose is durable and waterproof so it will withstand the elements.