How Much Do Different Boats Weigh?

Boats are being used for transportation and fishing since the prehistoric times. Depending on the tradition, available materials, and purpose of use, the size and design of boats vary from place to place.

There are hundreds of different types of boats available throughout the world. And each of them weighs differently.

Nevertheless, after reading this article, you’ll have a clear idea of how much a boat weighs, irrespective of the boat’s type.

Let’s dive in.

How Much Do Different Boats Weigh?

As we have stated earlier, a boat’s weight depends on its design, size, and materials. We have also stated that there are numerous types of boats, but here we will talk about the weight of some renowned ones only.

Bass Boats

These boats are usually used for catching fishes in freshwater. The average weight of a bass boat is almost 1700 lbs.



Speedboats are a bit heavier due to their powerful engine and compact, durable body. The average weight of a speedboat is roughly 8000 lbs.

Dinghy/Sail Boats

Dinghies are small boats, usually used for carrying passengers from shore to reach their ship. They are also used as lifeboats in large ships. The average weight of a Dinghy is around 1700 lbs.

Wakeboard/Ski Boat

These boats are also used for water sports. An excellent ride for performing water-skiing and waterboarding. The average weight of these boats is 3500 lbs.

Deck Boats

Deck boats

The boats with a lot of open deck space as their name implies; commonly used for recreational activities. The average weight of these Deck boats is more or less 3100 lbs.

Bowrider Boats

Bowrider boats

These are family boats, has space for four to eight passengers. It also can be used for water sports and fishing; weighs around 4500 lbs. 

Cabin Cruiser Boats

They have all the features and facilities of a small modern vacation home; designed for moving in the salty water. The average weight of Cabin Cruisers is approximately 8700 lbs.

Life Boats

These boats are generally attached to bigger boats or ships and in an emergency, they are used to carry passengers to secured areas. The average weight of these boats is 3700 lbs.

Convertible Fishing Boats

The boat that is a great choice for cruising and offshore fishing. They usually have a large fishing deck along with berths, cabins, and galleys. The average weight is 47000 lbs. 

Catamaran Boats

A catamaran is a multi-hulled Sail Boat, usually used for recreational purposes. They are also used for many other reasons around the globe. The average weight of the small catamarans are roughly 1500 lbs; the big ones have an average weight of around 4000 lbs.

Cuddy Cabins Boats

Cuddy Cabins are recreational boats with small shelter cabins; sometimes, they even have a berthing facility inside. The average weight of Cuddy Cabins is 2700-3700 lbs.

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boat

Used for fishing and cruising, these flat-shaped boats rely on tubes to float on inland waters. Their shape doesn't allow them to be used in salty waters. The average weight is 3100 lbs.

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Center Console Boats

These are mainly fishing boats. Their helm is on a console in the center of the boat, that is why they are called Center Console boats. The average weight is 5000-6300 lbs.

House Boats

The House boats are floating houses, as the name suggests. They have all the facilities of a house. The weight varies mostly based on their size and furnishing. Starting from 25000 lbs up to 200000 lbs.

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Trawler Boats

These boats have a fuel-efficient engine and displacement hull; often used for long-range cruising activities. Depending on the size, the weight varies. The average weight is around 26000 lbs.

Personal Watercraft Boats/Jetski

Customized recreational boats; used for adventurous games like water skiing and fishing sports. 750 lbs is an average weight for the Jetskis.

Jet Boats

Created for adventurous water sports, Jet boats are propelled by a jet of waters ejected from their backside, instead of external propellers. The average weight is around 2300-2400 lbs.

Bay Boats

Bay boats are usually used for fresh and salt-water fishing. They are very popular around the gulf coasts. The average weight is 4200 lbs.

Jon Boats


Economical and easy to ride, a good choice for the novices. Mainly used in shallow waters for boating purposes. Jon boats have an average weight of 450 lbs.

Skiff Boats

Skiff boats

Skiffs are similar to Jon boats, used in shallow waters and for the beginner boaters. Both sails and oars can power them. The average weight is around 900 lbs.

Walkaround Boats

Walkaround boats are often referred to as a cross between a Center Console and a Cuddy boat. They are basically fishing boats with a small cabin. The average weight of Walkarounds is approximately 4000 lbs.

Kayak Boats


Kayak is a small watercraft used for recreational activities. Modern kayaks differ significantly from traditional kayaks. Usually, a kayak weighs from 20 to 80 lbs. 


Above, we tried to provide some info regarding the weights of some of the most popular types of boats around the globe. We hope it will be helpful for the reader to enrich his knowledge regarding boats, especially if he is a boat-lover like us.

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Last Updated on March 9, 2021