German Bismark Military Battleship RC Warship Review

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Would you love to see your kid all over the moon this Christmas season? Is the kid a fan of racing boats and cruisers? Then,  this German Bismarck military warship cruiser is likely to leave the kid all over grateful.

Why this item?

Believe it or not, this cruiser has a fully functional radio control. Meaning, the kid can take it in whichever direction. Still, it moves at a very fast speed in rivers, ponds, or even the lakes. To know more about this magnificent cruiser, let’s look at its review.

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  • It goes really fast in any water mass
  • Up to two independently controlled propellers
  • Very resistant to wind effects
  • The inner hull area is splash resistant
  • A very durable battery for a limitless period of use


  • It doesn’t have a slight charge indicator
  • Prone to leakage


Fully functional radio control

A cruiser with radio control gives the user ability to take it in different directions. Though, the radio control can be partial or complete. Partial controls imply the cruiser can move only in specified directions.

What’s big about this fantastic warship cruiser?

It has full radio controls. In short, it can move in whichever direction that is forward, left, right, and even better turn. Thus, it will make the kid have a genius or giant feeling due to the limitless navigations.

Glossy exterior paint

I hope you know how kids get fascinated with brightly colored items with a magnificent appearance. That is why the body of this warship cruiser is quite an eye-appealing.

It has a glossy finish on the exterior and yet comes in very beautiful and different colors.  With this finishing and the sophisticated design, you can be sure to win the heart of a cruiser lover kid.


This is the best thing about this cruiser.

All the assembly is done by the manufacturer, with not even a single installation left for you. Hence, saving the kid from the hassles of having to fix things.

The catch?

It lets the kid go to have fun anytime without waiting for unending minutes to be assembled.


Where do you intend to use this cruiser? Is it in the pond, river, or lake?  That should be out of the list of your concern if you are convinced about purchasing it. Did I mean that? Absolutely.  This is the reason;

It has a brilliant design that makes it move in different water masses. Thus you can use it in a river, lake, pond or even at your pool at your home.

Above that, due to its expert crafting, it is quite resistant to the wind effects. Hence, even on windy days, your kid will not have to stay bored.

Long battery life

A cruiser with a long-living battery promises extended memorable experiences for the kid.

For this cruiser, the battery is meant to retain the charge for the longest time and take fewer minutes to charge fully. Let the kid enjoy for as long as he wants without being cut off by the depleted battery.

Fast and long-range coverage

Another fascinating thing about this cruiser is its fast movements. It moves on a single speed for back and forward movements and makes the turns with an excellent differential thrust.

Moving on the range, it can move very long ranges and yet have the radio controls effective.

However, due to this cruiser’s plastic design, you should avoid using it on water masses prone to debris to increase its longevity.

Frequently asked questions

Q; how long does the battery last?

A; the German Bismarck military cruiser battery lasts for at least 20 minutes of continuous use. However, the best part is it is rechargeable, making it economical and even better, takes a very short time to recharge.

Q;  can this cruiser turn?

A; this cruiser not only turns but can also move left, right, simply in any direction. That is due to the full radio controls incorporated in its construction.

Q; would you recommend this product to a kid or beginner?

A; sure. This cruiser has the simplest operations, and more essentially, it requires no assembly or installations. Beyond that, it has a magnificent design that captivates most kids.


Has your kid been whining about the bismark cruisers? You better grab it for him, because it will provide the most memorable experiences for the kid.

It lets the kid have full navigation controls due to the radio controls. You can relate how the kid will be over the moon after moving the cruiser from left to right and forward.

Further, it is equipped for any water mass. Hence, it can move in rivers, lakes, ponds, or even at the pool in your apartment.

Still, this fantastic cruiser has a sophisticated design, which is a thing for most children. And lastly, its battery construction is matchless. It charges very fast and, importantly, takes forever before the charge gets depleted.