Garmin MS-SW10 Fusion Marine Subwoofer review 

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

The Garmin subwoofer fusion marine subwoofer prides itself in its unique ability to offer a full range voice even for raps. It has a power rating that increases its bass level as well as enhances the bass quality.

Yet when it comes to taking lesser storage space and promising durability, this is the king of them all. What promises this fantastic performance in this incredibly recommended subwoofer? Join us, we find out in this review.


  • 400 watts RMS that promises a full-range sound
  • Lower impedance rating for a quality sound in extended usage
  • Salt, fog, and UV resistant to assure durability
  • A fantastic size that gives the best bass even for raps


  • The installations process should have been simplified

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Garmin MS-SW10 Fusion Marine Subwoofer Features

Lower impedance

Most people overlook subwoofers’ impedance unknowingly; it is the determinant of the subwoofers’ sound quality. At least, the manufacturer of this fantastic marine subwoofer gave the impedance feature the needed attention.

The impedance rating of the Garmin subwoofer is 4 ohms and even has a 2″ voice coil. Undoubtedly, with such lower impedance, which results in lesser electrical resistance and the coil, you can expect the best voice quality.

Larger size

The larger is the woofer, the better is the bass level. And that is no different from the subwoofers.

Don’t freak out the size of this subwoofer will not compromise on the bass levels. It is 10 inches high, which for sure will give the needed bass in the boat.

ASTM certified

Frankly, any subwoofer that has managed to achieve the ASTM standards is a go-for. You’d ask why. That is because the achievement of these standards implies that the subwoofer is armed for marine life.

The Garmin fusion marine subwoofer complies with the ASTM standards. Resultantly it is resistant and safe from the salty and humid nature of marine life. Thus, you will enjoy its high performance for a longer time.

Compact design

Addedly, this awesome sub-woofer solves the mounting issues mostly faced in watercraft and vehicles. How, and it has a larger size? Let me explain.

Undeniably, this subwoofer has a larger size, but it also has a compact design. Its crafting style significantly saves on the mounting space.


Do you want a subwoofer that will live for ages without compromising on its performance? Here is your perfect match subwoofer.

First is because of its high RMS rating. Accordingly, even after living for decades, it will not lower the voice quality but keep up the excellent performance.

Similarly, the crafting materials of this item are exceptionally solid to face harsh conditions. Indeed, its materials are safe from UV and the intense salty levels, which decrease the rusting chances.

High power output

Do you know what brings a significant difference in bass levels and the sound quality of the woofers? It is its power output.

That gives the reason why this marine subwoofer has a maximum power output of 400 watts. Yes, it is such a powerful woofer to provide you with the heart thumbing voices even after five years of its existence.

 Frequently asked questions

Q; is this subwoofer suitable for salty areas?

A; frankly, salty areas are a significant threat to the life of most subwoofers. However, the Garmin subwoofer is well-armed. It has a fantastic finish that reduces the damaging effects of the overly salty areas.

Q; does this subwoofer come with a warranty?

A; unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a warranty.

Q; what is the maximum power output of the Garmin subwoofer?

A; this subwoofer has a maximum power output of 400watts. Correspondingly, it has a higher sound quality, which it maintains even after an extended period of use.

Q; what are its mounting dimensions?

A; it has a minimum mounting depth of 4.5″ and a mounting diameter of 8.75.” Besides, it has a compact design, which significantly reduces its mounting space.

Q; how is the frequency response of this subwoofer?

A; this exceptional performing subwoofer has a frequency response of 30HZ, making it give the best voices for higher performance.


To wrap up, the Garmin marine subwoofer is all you need to get the heart soothing and rejuvenating sounds.. Why?

To begin, it has a high power output that will give the most rocking sounds for an extended period. Yet, it’s enormous but compact design makes it give the most amazing bass levels and save on storage space.

Likewise, the durability showcased in this subwoofer makes it best for marine life. For instance, it has UV resistance and quite sturdy amid intense salty levels. Similarly, against all odds, it meets the ASTM quality standards.

How do you think of the pricing of this item? Likely you would guess it is over your budget. Shockingly, it is a budget-friendly item despite its classy performance.

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