Extreme Marine Cuisinart grill modified for Pontoon Review

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Picture this, purchasing a boat grill that is light to carry, quite fast to fire, easy to control the cooking temperature, sturdily constructed, and fundamentally a fast cooking grill. That would be the best deal ever, you bet.

Guess what? The extreme marine Cuisinart boat grill for Pontoon boats gives precisely such startling experiences and much more. And even better, it is enhanced to cater to the special needs of the pontoon boat users. You find it hard to believe? Stick here, and all the details will be at your fingertips.


  • Fires in a snap of a second
  • Very easy to set up
  • A compact design to take less of the boat space
  • Feather-light hence portable
  • Amazingly constructed not to scratch or mark the rails
  • Stainless steel construction assures longevity
  • The lid locks up tightly
  • A handy and comfy carrying handle


  • Not suitable for cooking hamburgers
  • Some people get disappointed by the rail mount size

Extreme Marine Cuisinart Grill Features

Robust construction

The quality of construction is everything if you need an item worth your money. No wonder the manufacturer of the Cuisinart grill for boats wouldn’t mess with it.

This item has a stainless steel burner. At the very least, you are sure it is safe from scratches or rust.

Yet, the locking lid construction embodies a robust construction to withstand any rough handling.

Though what wins for me is its propane tank.  Its constructing material does not only assure durability but also safety due to the inflammable nature.

Easy to use

If you are not ready to take forever while setting up the grill in your boat, with this item, you are safe.

That is because of the Grill brackets of 7GA 304 designs and the open fencing crafting. Consequently, fewer hassles while stowing or installing it.

Moreover, the portability of this item is greatly enhanced. Besides its robust design, it is super light to carry to or from the boat.

To sum it all, this item requires less expertise and energy to operate.

Fast grilling

You need a grill that will get your food ready in a few minutes, right? Can we check if this item promises that?

To begin, it uses propane gas. Thus, it is faster than charcoal grills. Yet, with this type of cooking energy, you can effortlessly regulate the cooking temperature to maintain the food flavors.

Further, this modified grill fires in a snap of a second, hence no time wasted. And if you can remember, it will take you a few minutes to set it up.

To be fair, this is the ideal grill for boats that will set your food ready in the shortest time.

Safe to use

Nonetheless, safety is everything. Worse, while for a grill boat, there isn’t ample spacing. Hence, a little mess would result in accidents.

How does this fantastic grill promise your safety?

One is by assuring easy controls on cooking temperatures. It is a gas-powered grill and has easily accessible controls that are extraordinarily responsive to save the situation.

Yet, is by assuring safety mountings. As much as its mountings are very easy, it maintains a balance and securely holds the rails without leaving scratches at the bottom.

Lastly, it is through the tool-free secure installations. I mean, you will be using no tools while installing it—thus, lesser risky installations.

Ample cooking surface

Yet, if you are likely to be cooking large amounts of foodstuff, this is your grill. Why? That is because of its ample cooking surface of 145 square inches.

And guess what? Besides that ample cooking surface, it occupies less of the space. It has a compact design, slightly raised from the boat surface, and circular like designed to occupy the least possible space.

Frequently asked questions

Q; how much can this cooking boat grill hold?

A; this incredibly crafted boat has a cooking surface of 145 square inches. Thus it is fit for large amounts of cookings.

Q; is it recommendable for small-sized pontoon boats?

A; can I surprise you? The compact crating design of this grill makes it take the smallest surface area. It is slightly raised from the boat surface, has a circular design, and yet open fencing.

Q; will this boat grill live longer?

A; it has a stainless steel construction with anti-rust finishing. What do you think? Definitely, it will last longer.


To wrap up, failure to be knowledgeable and yet attentive while purchasing a grill for boats exposes you to fire accidents.

Things like safety, quality, and simple operations are vital. For that reason, I would remarkably recommend the extreme marine Cuisinart Grill that is modified for the pontoon boats.

Yet most pontoon boats have spacing issues, but luckily, this fantastic item’s compact design solves it. Check this review for a solid confirmation that this grill for boats wouldn’t disappoint.