Do boats depreciate faster than cars?

Last Updated on October 1, 2022

Before you decide to buy a boat or a car, it is advisable to know which one depreciates faster. You are likely to get more money back if you buy a boat or a car that will retain its high value after some time.  The Boating Buddy team has this topic covered!

What determines the depreciation rate?

Whether boats depreciate faster than cars depends on some factors including:

The rate of usage

If there is one thing that makes a vehicle depreciate, it is the rate of usage. If a boat is used very often, its rate of wear and tear will be high. Likewise, if a car is used often, its rate of wear and tear will be high as well.

Usually, cars are used more often than boats. People use cars more than boats because they are suitable for use in transportation to several places. Unless some people are inhibited by water, that is they have to cross water like the sea, or river to do their daily work, they have no reason to use boats for a long time. Except for people who are on vacation or are going to some remote areas on tour, people may not need to use boats. Anglers and traders also use boats. However, cars are used more often because they are used on land which is a popular transportation system for most people.

People use cars daily. People who do not have private cars will take public transportation. Cars are also used for public transportation. The higher the rate of usage, the higher the rate of wear and tear, which also influences the depreciation rate.

In this regard, cars will depreciate faster than boats.

Supply and demand rate

The rate of supply and demand will also determine how a boat or a car depreciates. Cars are in supply more than boats. The need for cars is more than the need for boats. As a result, the supply has to meet the demand. Therefore, the supply of cars is more. Given the rate at which people use cars, there is a high supply. In some economic conditions in some places, the supply of cars is even more than the demand.

On the contrary, the supply for boats, most times, equals the demand. Sometimes, there is more demand for boats than the supply. In this regard, the value of cars will depreciate faster than that of boats.

The location

Your location will also determine the value of boats and cars. In places where there are boats in high supply, the depreciation rate will be higher than places where boats are in less supply. For instance, in Florida, boats are cheaper than in places like New York and California where they are not in high supply compared to the former. In places where cars are in high supply, the value of cars will be lesser than places where cars are in less supply.

If you are selling your boat or car in places where they are in constant demand, you can sell it at a fairly high price and get more money for it than elsewhere. In places where the boat or car you want to sell is in less demand, you can lose money if you sell. There.


The level of maintenance will also determine how fast a boat or a car will depreciate. Boats, as well as cars, need to be maintained to retain their value. Maintaining a boat means you have to clean the boat after use. Also, you need to constantly check the parts like the spark plug, propeller, battery, connections and bolts, and other necessary checkups.

If you do not maintain your boat well, it will age quickly. If you do not do the little maintenance ritual on a boat, it will not last as long as it would have lasted if it had been properly cared for. If it breaks down, it will cost you more to fix it. In this situation, you might want to sell it off if you do not use it often. In this condition, you might not get as much returns on it as you would have gotten.

The same applies to cars. A well-maintained car will sell higher than one that is not well cared for. To slow down the depreciation rate of your boat or car, you have to maintain it properly.


A product’s brand will also affect its depreciation rate. When people purchase an item, they consider the brand. Reputable brands are usually in high demand. A brand of a boat that is well-known and high in demand will sell higher than another boat of the same specs but of a less popular brand. This applies to new and used boats.

People will naturally go for highly reputable brands. If they cannot afford such new boats because they are too expensive, they will most likely go for the used products of that reputable brand rather than go for any other brand.

So, if you are selling a boat or a car of a highly sought-after brand, you will get more money from it. Therefore, it is advisable to buy boats and cars that people are interested in.

People’s attitudes can also determine how esteemed a brand is. If there is prestige attached to a brand, people will seek to have that brand of boat or car, even if it is the used ones. If you are reselling this brand of boat or car, you will get more money back compared to other brands that are less reputable.


Boats and cars will depreciate at some point. However, some factors determine which one depreciates faster. The rate of usage and the supply and demand relationship show that cars will depreciate faster than boats. However, your location of sales and how well the boats and cars are maintained will also determine how fast they will depreciate. Also, boats and cars of reputable brands will have more value than those of lesser brands.