Deck Boat Vs. Pontoon: How Do They Differ?

Last Updated on July 13, 2021

Was the week very stressful for you? Do you want to go to the sea or river and breathe some fresh air with your family or peers?

Well, if you’re going to, then there are deck boats and pontoons available which will enable you to enjoy your time on the water to the fullest.

You may find both of them suitable, and we are going to describe them so that you can differentiate them on your own.

In this article, we tried to cover up important details of deck boats and pontoons that will enable you to gain detailed knowledge about them.

It is essential for every one of us to have some idea of it if we are really into sea cruising or fishing.

So, where is the doubt?

Let’s get started!

What Is a Deck Boat?

Well, a deck boat is a bigger and flattish boat. When it comes to taking a more prominent family and a great boating aspiration, it should be a top priority.


As the name indicates, deck boats are the same with a lot of deck space. Now with more deck space, you can add extra amenities and can place more friends or family members.

It was mainly created by combining the layout of a pontoon boat with the ‘Hull’ design of a runabout, made of aluminum or fiberglass. Deck boats are powered by either an outboard engine or an I/O (inboard/outboard) drive.

Most deck boats are around 22-foot long, but the length size ranges from 18-25 feet long (maximum). To get the maximum space possible, the manufacturers take 100-105 inches of width value to construct the boat.

The average weight of a deck boat is between 2,500 to 3,500 pounds, which is similar to a pontoon boat. If you add a trailer and equipment into the mix, the load will increase to between 3,500 and 5,000 pounds.

Deck boats are usually for a small group of people to ride on. Though they are more significant, it is hard to find a deck boat that can take more than 12 persons at a time.

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What Is a Pontoon Boat?

A pontoon boat is also a flattish boat with an ample deck space that allows installing amenities on the boat so that you can enjoy a ride on it.

Recommended Pontoon Boat

Colorado XT

If you’re looking for a pontoon boat but don’t have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then go for this one.

High-capacity (max 400 lbs) pontoon boat with transport wheel, removable stripping basket, and gear bags. Best one in this price range.

The owner can install expansive lounge areas, stand up bars, and sun pads. Pontoons are also called tubes, which are the prime structural units of the pontoon boats. These tubes help it float on the water surface.

pontoon boat

Pontoon boats are also called ‘Pleasure Boats”. It is very suitable for sea cruising, fishing, and water sports. The price comes on average, and a person who can afford a boat can easily afford a pontoon boat. They are also used as small ferries to cross the rivers and lakes in many parts of the world.

These boats are ideal for having a party on board with a group of people. It enables us the best form of entertainment. Like you can set up a grill onboard, a dance party, and many more. People usually go for pontoon boats when it comes to fishing because of the shallower draft and stable platform.

Deck Boat Vs. Pontoon boats

We will pinpoint the differences between these two that will give you a clear idea, and mention several factors that made slight and huge differences between these boats.

So, here we go now!


Deck boats have large and rectangular deck space, just like the pontoon boats. But in case of speed, deck boats have it more than pontoon boats containing a stern engine.

So, people who want a pontoon boating experience with greater speed, they can go for deck boats. The pointed V-Shaped Hulls are the reason for it being so fast.

This v-shaped hull is the main difference between deck boats and a pontoon. Deck boats are also powered by an outboard engine or an I/O, which helps the boat to gain more speed. Pontoons have a deck sat on two aluminum logs- or three if it’s a triton model.

So, people who want a relaxed lifestyle of a pontoon boat, but with more speed, will go for deck boat over a pontoon one. Deck boats are also lighter than pontoon boats and very suitable for small groups with 3-4 people.

Deck and Layout

Most of the deck boats will have the helm station and control console on the starboard (right hand) side. The passenger seat is next to the captain on the port, i.e., the left-hand side.

However, the main passenger seats and entertainment areas will be towards the front of the deck boat. Some deck boats don’t have much room, and others have converted the motor box into a larger padded seating area, which enables sunbathing for the passengers.

deck boat

Deck boats were invented to have fun on the water. But with the flow of time and with some modern changes, manufacturers are designing them for other purposes like fishing and water sports. Some fishing deck boats have seats on the foredeck to allow for improved fishing and have storage compartments.

Pontoons on the other side have a different layout, which creates differences between these two. These have various amenities and seating arrangements than those of deck boats. Pontoon boats also have space for fishing and storage compartments.

Style and Design

What most of the pontoon boat manufacturers do is install as many facilities as they can so that it becomes useful for the consumers. Hence, seating arrangements and other facilities of a pontoon boat are better than a deck boat. On the other hand, a deck boat is sleeker and sporty.

Deck boats are designed for speed, although the manufacturers always try to maximize the deck space onboard. These can take you a long way with greater speed for a recreational journey.

Some of them also have a wakeboard tower that will give you a distinct water sports look and feel. You will have more pulling power than a pontoon boat for sure.

Controlling and Maintenance

Deck boats are easy to control as the conventional boats. They offer a stable and comfortable journey no matter what the speed is. As they have V-shaped fiberglass hull, deck boats are easy to control with virtually no bow rise at all.

pontoon boat

Pontoons are comparatively hard to control than deck boats. These boats have less horsepower than a deck boat.

You need to invest the same amount of time to take care of any of these two boats. A mooring cover is an easy way to cover the pontoon boat as well as deck boats. Both of the boats are easy to take care of if you are sincere and careful about them.

Price and Cost

Usually, deck boats are a little expensive than pontoon boats. To buy a decent pontoon boat, you have to spend between $19,000 to 60,000 dollars. You will get access to modern accessories and features easily. The latest Lowe pontoon boats 2021 offer boats between $25,000 to 48,000 dollars (approximately).

If you are planning to buy a deck boat, then prepare to pay more than before. Deck boat price starts from 30,000 dollars and reaches up to 80,000 dollars.


There is a lot of space in a deck boat, but when it comes to having a party or several people, then we can’t help trusting a pontoon boat. Both are well crafted with an exquisite graphical outlook, and people enjoy them both on an outing or go fishing.

If an argument suddenly arises, pontoon boats will easily defeat deck ones when it comes to spacing capacity. But deck boat has greater speed than pontoons as well as other facilities of pontoon boats. That is why the deck boat is more preferable than pontoons.

No Matter Which Boat You Get, Consider an Anchor!

The anchor is a vital safety item for any boats; even it is a coastal expedition in a pontoon boat or a fishing outing to a lake [Check out these best boat anchors for lakes]. An anchor helps the boat to stay firm on the water so that natural factors like tidal waves can’t sweep away your boat.

Boat anchors are mainly drowned deep underneath the water level. They are usually connected with the boat and are heavy. This makes the boat to stay firm on the water level. Hence, a boat remains safe during a strong tidal wave.

Final Words

It is finally up to you which boat you will select for yourself, keeping all the factors you need to suffice. We have gathered some popular opinions about both deck boats and pontoons.

Deck boat can be said better than pontoon boats because it has greater speed, although the pontoon boat has a larger seating capacity and better fishing facilities. Hopefully, you got all the answers you needed. Now it’s time to hoard your money and buy your dream boat.

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