Classic Accessories Stormpro Heavy Duty Boat Cover Review

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Most of the time, we are quick to complain when the mistake results from another person’s negligence and very silent when it is our mess.  What am I talking about?

This is it, after spending bulks of dollars, we are likely to think of taking a lesser budget when it comes to the boat covers.

Without thinking hard, you can easily guess, no sooner than later will the boat cover waste and adversely, even the boat get damaged. Then you will be everywhere blaming inferior manufacturers.

My point is this, boat covers are not to joke with. Talking of boat covers, the classic accessories stormpro heavy-duty boat cover couldn’t miss. Its construction has been hitting the headlines and leaving most people amazed. We better look at it now.


  • 100% polyester crafting making it a heavy strength product
  • UV protection and mildew resistance thus takes ages before wasting
  • It has an integrated buckle for fast fitting
  • Due to the elastic cord, it provides a secure and tight fit
  • The straps are easily adjustable
  • It comes with a storage bag, support pole, and a 5-year warranty


  • It is not available in multiple colors

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Classic Accessories Stormpro Boat Cover Features

Durable fabric

Harsh UV rays, among other severe weather conditions, are a significant threat to the boat covers. And as you could bet, this exceptionally recommendable boat cover is well-armed.


To begin, it is 100% polyester material. In other words, this boat cover is resistant to shrinking or unhealthy stretching. Addedly, due to the polyester material crafting, it can withstand unforeseen rough handling.

What of the UV rays? There is a UV protective coating on this boat cover. But even better, it has mildew repellency.

Buckle and strap system

No more hassles while fitting the boat cover. Actually, with this product, you will get things done in a few seconds. Sounds good?

That is possible due to the buckle and the excellent strap system.

The buckles take a short time to integrate and remove due to the quick-release crafting technique. On the other hand, the straps are adjustable, but more essentially, they snap out very fast.

Now you can agree that it is relatively effortless to get this cover into place, right?

Elastic hem

Addedly, with this elastic hem, you can be sure for the cover to have a tight fit.

Nevertheless, with the elastic hem and the fantastic air vents, you can quickly get extra space for other accessories such as bow rails.

Absolutely, this boat cover assures the safety of the boat and all other fishing accessories.

Advanced fabric coating technology

Above all, this magnificent boat cover takes advantage of the latest technology to deliver a promising item.

It uses advanced technology fabric coating, which increases its ability to repel and resist water.

Heavy-duty storage bag and support pole for free!

Yes, you read everything right!

This boat comes with a completely free storage bag and support pole. But guess what, the storage bag crafting is also of heavy strength materials hence last longer.

To top it off?

Is the up to 5-year warranty of this item. That is to insinuate that the manufacturer has great confidence in the performance of this boat. I think with that, you can give it a shot too.

Carcinogenic chemicals

If you have breathing problems or any allergy to exposure to chemicals, the stormpro boat cover minds your health too,

Its workmanship is free from PVC carcinogenic chemicals, which is a common allergen.

Frequently asked questions

Q; does this boat cover take long to fit in?

A; in a snap of a second, you will get things done. The cover has quick-release buckles and adjustable straps to fit easily.

Q; can it accommodate the extra accessories?

A; sure. It has an elastic hem and awesome air vents, making it possible to accommodate extra accessories besides the boat.

Q; does it have a warranty?

A; absolutely, it comes with a warranty of up to 5 years

Q; how is its crafting fabric?

A; this boat cover is 100% polyester and free from PVC carcinogenic chemicals. Simply, it lasts longer and has no allergens

Q; is it safe from UV?

A; I know where your fear is coming from. The UV rays are quite merciless to the boat covers. But you know what, this fantastic boat cover has Uv protection.

Final Remarks

There is a lot of stuff to consider when eyeing for a boat cover. For instance, it should be of a high strength material that has UV protection. Still, the cover should not take you forever to fit in.

At least, it should have quick-release buckles and straps. Though, getting a boat cover that also has an elastic hem will make it possible to create room for other accessories.

Does it look as if l I have been talking about the features of multiple items? I hate it, but I will have to burst your bubble, but all those features are found in a single item: the classic accessories stormPRO boat cover. Do you want to know more? Start reading!