Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Boat Review

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Do you just hate it when you have to strain in a boat to access your stuff just because the pockets are too few?

Having a boat that can’t even stow out of the way to allow you to fish peacefully? Or a boat that has poor visibility and, worse, even not safety promising? I am sorry if you have experienced that, but it is a shred of evidence you haven’t tried the classic accessory pontoon boat yet.

The pontoon classic grade boat is a fantastically crafted product that seeks to wipe away all the troubles of deep-sea fishers as well as boat riding lovers. Taking a look at the pros, cons, and features will save me from your judgmental self. Let’s do this.


  • It has non-slip footrests assuring the safety
  • Boasts greatly improved visibility
  • It has up to 20 pockets to keep your items
  • The bottle holders are easily accessible to grab a drink while fishing quickly
  • Comes with up to 2 years limited warranty
  • Due to the bronze and steel construction, longevity is assured


  • The motor is not included

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Classic Accessories Colorado XT Pontoon Boat Features

Massive storage capacity

At only a boat weight of 77lbs, this classic pontoon boat can hold up to 400lbs. Yes, you read, right! It has such a massive storage capacity.

And top up, it ensures that you easily trace your items. How? It has up to 20 storage pockets and extra two insulated ring holders’ to easily access your drink

Transport wheel

Do you want to reach your best fishing spot as soon as possible? With the transport wheel of this boat, all that is possible. It has a stowable transport wheel, which has a fantastic performance to quickly access the best fishing spots.

Comfy seats

I am sure you wouldn’t do anything to keep your back at risk. And even the manufacturer of this excellent boat assured the safety of your back and the spinal cord. What am I hitting at?

The seats have maximum cushioning and are perfectly designed to reduce back strains. Therefore, if you are likely to spend long hours in the sea, this is the boat to purchase.

Gear bag

You don’t need to carry or purchase extra gear bags after owning this expertly crafted boat.

What am I talking about? Remember we spoke of the numerous pockets found in this boat? Excellent. With these countless pockets, you can easily remove them, then combine them to form a big accommodating gear bag. You guessed right! You can save the extra cash for a gear bag and create one for yourself.

Long-living crafting

The construction of this boat is a true embodiment of heavy strength crafting.

For instance, look at the top part crafting; it is a rigid nylon material that withstands harsh weather conditions. Still, the bottom part is of a PVC material that secures it from the expected abrasions.

Similarly, the tubes and locks are steel and bronze materials respectively, which will undoubtedly foresee them for ages.

ABYC certified

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this magnificent boat meets the ABYC standards.

That is to say, it has all the safety measures in place, which correspondingly reduces the chances of accidents while using it.

Beyond that, it boosts in exceptionally improved visibility and like no other boat with non-slip footrests.

Frequently asked questions

Q; what is its weight capacity?

A; at a lightweight of 77lbs, this amazingly crafted boat has a maximum load capacity of 400lbs.

Q; does it come with a gear bag?

A; this boat does not come with a ready-made gear bag. However, you can remove the numerous side pockets and create a gear bag.

Q; does this boat assure the safety of the rider

A; the pontoon boat meets the ABYC safety standards. Consequently, it has every mechanism incorporated to assure the safety of the riders.

Q; how are the seats? Do they prevent backaches?

A; good news! The seats are maximally padded and designed to minimize the possible backaches. You are free to ride for long hours and still have your spinal cord safe.

Q; does it come with a warranty?

A; this boat comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer

Q; is the bottom part safe from abrasion?

A; abrasions are much expected when using a boat. And for that reason, the classic pontoon boat has an abrasion-resistant bottom to assure longevity

Final remarks

Finding a boat that promises comfort, safety, and durability is not a walk in the park. Luckily, the classic accessories pontoon boat brings a new story to all boat users. It meets the ABYC standards, which assure good safety crafting.

Likewise, it has a heavy strength crafting of aluminum, bronze, and steel. Yet, the bottom part is abrasion-resistant and a nylon upper part to withstand rugged conditions.

The best part? It has a massive carrying capacity. Unfortunately, all the details of this boat’s magnificent crafting can’t be captured in a single paragraph. Check this review for more information.