How Can You Wash/Clean Boat Covers Effectively?

Can You Wash Boat Covers

Specks of dust over a boat cover is a natural happening to its owner because he needs to care of his boat, clean it and provide an efficient treatment to keep the boat’s parts and floor hard even from inside and outside.

A boat cover is a thing that is used to coat a boat to get rid of sudden damage and pollution. Most of the time boat covers are used in the off season like winter.

To keep your boat out of damage and natural dust, it is necessary to veil your boat through the boat’s canvas.

You need to know the washing boat canvas besides cleaning up your boat regularly. You need to get the best solution to washing boat covers both in the natural or modern process. Let’s get it, how?

How to Clean a Boat Cover

Natural Process

Tough stains around the boat cover make it look weird even you feel uncomfortable when showing up your gesture publicly when fishing.

In this case, you need to follow just three processes to give your boat a hard refresher.

  • If you are willing to remove the hard stains behind the boat canvas just head to mix three available ingredients (a cup of bleach, ¼ cup of detergent soap and sufficient water) in a bowl.
  • Take a soft-bristle brush (Be alert if you’re not using hard)
  • Let the mixture of bleach and soap gets soaked properly for 20 minutes in the charming weather.
  • You can see a weird ash color has been turned on the boat canvas. Now just spray about 1-gallon water covering the whole area and use the soft-bristle brush to make a deep wash.

After completing a deep wash, let it get dried. After 1.5 hours (Depends on weather), when it is completely soaked take a look at your boat canvas. Isn’t it glittering?

Advance Process

The modern process not only gifts you an incredible fresh boat cover after washing but also you get a chance to make its shield waterproof.

The technique has been using by the sixty percent of the boat owners to keep their boat lucid by resisting waterfall inside.

It is a costly process where you must need some products to buy and utilize them perfectly to get an overwhelmed boat cover washed and hard shielded.

Below I’m discussing the accurate procedures you must follow to get a master clean over your boat coat.


  • Try to use a penetrating fabric cleaner. (It is for a deep clean on the boat cover)
  • Get any of the canvas shields. (It is must necessary to get your canvas water-resistant)
  • Get automated water spraying tank.
  • Find out a domestic place to proceed with your washing activities.
  • Most importantly a brush which has soft-bristle.


  • Here you are ready to make a deep wash. Take out your spraying tank and spray over the whole fabric of the boat cover to make it wet.
  • Once it’s wet heavily, just use the penetrating fabric cleaner there in the stained area and use it to the whole cover.
  • After 1 hour of its soaking, use brush completely over the boat cover to make it stainless. Now, now give a final wash and let the cover soak for 24 hours long.
  • The next day you may see its glittering than before and if it gets the requirements to use canvas shields, spray it all over the boat canvas. Once you’re done, back after 12 hours.
  • Come back? Now try pouring water on the shield of boat cover and see waters can’t be penetrated.

You got more beneficial following the advance process, Yeah? Importantly, if you are already having the water-resistant boat cover just you need to make a natural process to wash your boat covers.

To end, thank you for your time and being with us again. We hope you 've liked our boat cover cleaning solution. If you have further questions on how to clean a boat cover, then drop a comment below.

How to clean a boat cover

Last Updated on March 9, 2021