Best RC Warships & Battleships: Naval Ship 2021

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HT-3827A German Bismarck

The Top RC Warship Battleship

If you're looking for an RC warship/battleship but don't have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then go for the HT-3827A German Bismarck RC Warship. 

After all the research, we recommend this one as our top pick due to its overall quality and performance.

Everyone loves playing with RC toys. But there's probably nothing like setting up some remote-controlled warships with friends or family.

The unique war design of these ships sets them apart from any other RC boat you can get.

You can enjoy replicas that not only look like the real one but also offer exquisite extra designs that any ship enthusiast will love.

A naval ship is fantastic. Whether you like collecting warships or just want to have some fun with your family or friends – then you'll find these RC warships an excellent thing to have.

So, want to know more about what they offer? Then take a step further and find out!

Our Favorite RC Battleships and Warships

With so many RC war boats in the market, we decided to pick only the best and bring them to you. So here are 8 reviews from the best RC battle boats in the market:

1. HengTai HT-3827A German Bismarck Military Battleship Warship R/C Cruiser

When it comes to the best RC battleships warships, there's nothing like a cruiser to play with. It resembles a German Bismarck naval ship used in WWII.

That's why the HT-3827 is such an exciting model to have. The replica has a scale of 1/360.

And even then, you can enjoy the giant design at 28-inch long and 3-inch wide with some of the most enticing details you can go for.

On top of that, the ship still looks superb. You get a glossy exterior pant with detailed touches. That's enough to make it one of the most good-looking vessels in the list.

But an RC is not only about looks and design. You also get a full-range battleship that moves forward, backward, right, and left as you need.

And sure enough, you get a high speed of up to 10 MPH using two propellers.

To get the most out of the ship, you can use it from 120 feet of distance. That increases its overall usability and convenience. And lastly, you can enjoy the easy-to-use remote control – making it a total pleasure to use.

For anyone who wants a German Bismarck as an RC toy – this one will have no competitor. It easily surpasses anyone's expectations.


  • The outstanding range of 120 feet
  • The excellent scale at 1:360
  • Large design at 28 inches
  • Up to 10 MPH of speed
  • Gorgeous German Bismarck replica


  • Dull paint is not for everyone
  • The plastic build is too fragile 

2. HengTai HT-2878F Radio Remote Control Warship Challenger

A challenger warship HT02878F from HengTai is easily the most functional military battleship on the whole list.

What makes it such a functional model? Well, it all starts with the vast array of cannons and satellites it offers. This ensures an enticing design that resembles the real one perfectly.

But the real advantage comes from the array of aircraft (planes and helicopters) pieces in the boat. You can enjoy an even more exciting replica that makes all other models look dull.

Another design feat you'll love is the 1:275 scale. At 30 inches of length, this boat is one of the largest in the list – making it a pleasure to play with at any time.

As for controls, you'll find the standard HengTai HT system that can go backward, forward, left, and right with no issue. Yet, it is the 60 feet of total range that truly stand out – so you can use it from far away with no problem.

The machine is still powered up by two propellers, so you can achieve a decent speed of up to 10 MPH. And when you add the ready-to-play design plus the display stand, it becomes a practical model all around.


  • Gigantic design at 30-inch long
  • Decent scale ratio at 1:275
  • Allows up to 60 feet of remote range
  • Enticing design with helicopters & planes
  • Achieves up to 10 MPH of speed


  • Water goes inside
  • Tends to get submerged while reversing

3. HengTai HT-2877 RC Missile RTR Battleship Cruiser

When it comes to RC battleships, few models attract as much as a cruiser. That's why the HT-2877 is such an enticing model to have.

Because cruisers are designed to be smaller than other battleships, you can find this model to be only 19 inches in length.

But it still manages to have a decent scale, especially when you consider its detail-oriented design. You get the missile launches, the cannons, and the antennas.

Then you can enjoy the realistic glossy paint, with a highly detailed deck. It is made of ABS plastic, which increases its durability and buoyancy.

Another exciting feature to consider is the ready-to-run design. As soon as you get it out of its package, you can place it on the water and use it.

It should run seamlessly right away. This matches well with the 5-to-10 MPH of speed. Sure enough, it turns to the right, left, and even goes backward if needed. And what's even better, it offers several feet of range for even more fun.

Yet, it is the excellent 500mAh battery that sets it apart. You can use it for several minutes with only a 3-hour charge. For anyone who wants a cruiser, this one will come like a charm.


  • High-quality ABS plastic build
  • Excellent 10 MPH of speed
  • Medium-sized design at 19-inch length
  • Small yet efficient 500mAh battery
  • Good-looking design with missiles & cannons


  • Cheap control is a bit uncomfortable
  • Leaks a lot of water inside

4. HengTai HT-2879 Smasher Destroyer RC War Ship

Among the best RC battleships warships, the HT-2879 will surely come like an excellent choice.

It's all about its Smasher Destroyer design at 31-inch of length – making it the largest in the whole list. Its 1:115 scale allows the boat to be super detail-oriented.

Every single detail is made by hand to promote an almost exact replica of this type of warship. From the cannons to the antennas, a radar tower, and even an opposable gun – every single detail makes it super enticing.

You also get a glossy exterior that increases its beauty. It will make even the most demanding boat enthusiast appreciate the work put into it.

Still, the boat works well in most situations. Whether it is a pond, a pool, a river, or lake – it won't let you down in the slightest.

The machine can run at up to 10 MPH as well. That's enough to have sufficient fun while operating it. Even in the most challenging situations, it will work like a gem. And lastly, you can use it with no issues thanks to its straightforward remote control.

With a 700mAh battery and easy-to-use sticks, anyone can operate it.

If you're a Smasher Destroyer fan, then you'll love this small yet exciting replica.


  • Unbeatable 1:115 scale
  • Detailed deck with exciting paint
  • Good-looking Russian ship design
  • Huge design at 31-inch long
  • Goes up to 10 MPH 


  • Deficient sealing leaks
  • Some plastic pieces break over time

5. POCO DIVO HT-3826 USS Missouri BB-63 US Navy Battleship

Editor's note: As of 2-26-2021, this is no longer available.  Scroll down to see other POCO RC Ships.  

A military battleship doesn't have to be silver and dull. Instead, you can get something more appealing, like the POCO DIVO USS Missouri BB-63.

A navy battleship with a colorful deck and details that will make you love it.

Let's not forget the BB-63 ship was in WWII as one of the biggest ones available. It worked as a magnificent warship with cannons and missiles while still having a helicopter port. Sure enough, you get all these details in this 1:250 replica.

For fans of WWII ships, this one will feel like a perfect addition to the collection. And that's without even mentioning the glossy paint and the ABS plastic body.

So, it is not only a beautiful piece but also one of the most durable.

Using it is still a piece of cake. The control is effortless to use, offers a range of 120 feet, and can go as fast as 5 MPH. You still get 20 minutes of operation with its massive battery. And charges in 5 hours so you won't have to wait days for it.

Considering its 23-inch length, the exciting detailed design, and how easy it is to use – it is safe to say this is one of the best battleships you can get.


  • Impressive BB-63 replica at 1:250
  • Quality ABS plastic for durability
  • Up to 120 feet of range 
  • Delivers 20 minutes of operation
  • Achieves 5 MPH of speed


  • Some parts may break
  • Leaks a lot

6. POCO DIVO USS Wasp LHD-1 Amphibious Assault Ship

POCO DIVO comes back with one of the most exciting RC warshipsthe USS Wasp LHD-1. What is this ship model?

It refers to Landing Helicopter Dock, which resembles an aircraft carrier for helicopters. With a 1:350 scale and 29.5-inch of length, it becomes a go-to choice for carrier fans.

The level of detail won't disappoint you either. You get the AV-8B Harrier II helicopters, the MV-22 Osprey, a Landing Craft Air Cushion, other amphibious vehicles, radars, antennas, and even some cannons.

Everything looks detailed to the max, so you get the maximum level of realism.

Apart from its design, you can enjoy an entirely practical remote system. It allows 250 feet of total range so you can use it from far away. Along with its 5 MPH of speed, it will run fast enough to make it a more exciting experience.

It all comes down to its twin propellers with a vector-push design, making it sail faster than expected.

The battery is powerful enough to last 25 minutes per operation. And with its 5-hour charging need, it becomes a go-to choice for most people.

On top of that, it comes with a touch-water-to-run feature that prevents it from starting out of water. Along with the fully-functional controls for left, right, forward, and backward movement – this is an RC warship you don't want to dismiss.


  • Up to 25 minutes of operation
  • Amazing 250-feet range 
  • Decent 5 MPH of speed
  • Huge design at 29.5 inches
  • Detail-oriented deck with aircrafts


  • Fragile plastic breaks easily
  • Doesn't stay upright when turning

7. Tipmant Military Remote Control Aircraft Carrier Model RC

There are pretty large remote-controlled navy ships on this list of reviews. That's why a small model never comes like a wrong choice – especially if it comes from Tipmant.

So what makes it such an enticing choice? Well, it is an aircraft carrier ship, but it comes in one of the smallest designs you could get.

At only 7 inches of length, this super-tiny ship still manages to be detail-oriented. You will find the helicopters, radars, antennas, and more on the design. It has a high-buoyancy hull and comes with enticing colors (Silver or Blue as you want).

Still, you get excellent operation. It goes right, left, backward, and forward. And because it works on AA batteries, you can get up to 10 minutes of use per 12 minutes charge.

The boat offers an excellent range of 50 feet as well. Along with its 5 MPH of speed, the ship becomes a total pleasure to work with.

It also has a switch for turning it on and off. There's also a water-detection system. And because it is permeable all around, you can enjoy a durable product at the same time. So you get an all-around safe system.


  • Ultra-small design at 7 inches
  • Up to 10 minutes of operation
  • Gorgeous model in Blue and Gray
  • 50 feet of total range
  • Up to 5 MPH of speed 


  • Not the most long-lasting battery
  • Leaks too much for its size

8. Tipmant Military RC Aircraft Carrier Naval Ship Vessel Model

Editor's note: This item is no longer available for sale

Coming back with Tipmant, we now find the Naval Ship Vessel. Among the best RC battleships, this one stands out for its beautiful glossy paint.

It is a small model still. With a 7-inch long design, it will look minimal when compared to others on the list. Yet, it still holds the details you want – with a helicopter on its port, several antennas and radars, cannons, and more.

It looks just like the real thing – but in an infinitely small version.

The paint on the exterior also stands out, making it a gorgeous glossy boat all around. This goes well with the quality plastic build, setting it apart from the competition.

Another exciting feature is the 50-feet distance range. You can operate it from a decent distance so you can have the most fun.

And with its 10 minutes of operation, then it becomes a go-to model. Let's not forget it charges in just 12 minutes – which is amazing.

 Moreover, the ship also works only after touching the water. This is an excellent feature to have to add extra safety to the piece. Add the waterproof coating all around, and the machine will last a lifetime. Considering its size, this a top-notch model to consider.


  • Small yet practical 7-inch design
  • 10 minutes of operation per 12 minutes of charge
  • Allows up to 50 feet of range
  • Durable build and paint
  • Highly detail-oriented design


  • Controls are a bit tricky
  • Remote drains the battery too fast

What to Look for before Buying an RC Battleship?

After reading our RC warships reviews, you're probably a little confused about which model to pick. Well, don't worry – we're going to help you choose by explaining the most important factors you should consider. Here they are:

Scale & Size

The first thing you should think about is how large you want the boat to be. And of course, how big it should be when compared to the real one.

Most RC warship boats come with a scale of 1:300 or similar. The smaller the number, the larger the ship will be. That's why we recommend models with less than 1:200 of scale. However, you can go for whatever meets your standards.

As for overall size, 20 inches seems more than enough. But for replicas from gigantic ships, you may find scales of up to 1:100 at over 30 inches of length.


You want everything to be of the highest quality, right? Then you should consider the overall construction of the boat. We usually choose plastics like ABS. But models can vary enormously. Some of them may come with other plastics and even metallic parts.

Similarly, you want to consider a waterproof coating. This will prevent any type of corrosion on the piece, so it looks gorgeous for longer.

Appearance & Paint

The size is not the only thing that matters when picking remote-controlled navy ships. You also need to consider how beautiful the vessel is. That's why we recommend high-quality glossy paints.

These not only ensure a more enticing appearance but also make the boat more durable. If the paint is of high quality, then it will last longer.


This refers to the shape of the warship. It will change enormously how well it floats and how fast it can go on the water.

Picking the right hull is not easy, though. So we recommend just staying with typical designs that allow the RC ship to float as necessary.


Once you've gone through the design of the boat, you want to consider the details and objects it has.

For example, most remote control battleships that shoot will need a cannon or missile launcher. That will add the extra ounce of realism to the piece.

But there are way more details to consider. Some of them can be the radar antennas and even the deck shape or design. If it is an aircraft carrier model, then you may also enjoy the warplanes and the helicopters.

Whatever makes the battleship more realistic, that's a detail to consider.

RC Battleships

Propellers & Speed

Every remote control battleship should come with propellers. This is what pushes the ship forward and makes it run on the water. But these ships may vary enormously when it comes to the number of propellers. Typically, though, they have two which allow fast propulsion.

We recommend no less than 5 MPH of total speed per boat. But you may still find models that go up to 10 MPH – making them even more enticing to play with.

Remote Control

When going through the best RC battleships, you'll find that the remote controls vary enormously in size and ease of use. That's why you should pick carefully. Be sure the model you go for comes with easy-to-operate sticks that don't demand a rocket-science degree to figure out.

Similarly, you want something that comes with sufficient features so you can operate it however you prefer. This could mean an effortless reverse, sharp turns, and maximum propulsion as needed.

Anything that makes the operation of the RC ship easier to use is a feature worth having.


After picking the right remote control, you should think about the range. This will tell you how far you can use the boat.

Usually, RC boats come with ranges of about 20 to 40 feet. But some models can go up to 200 feet of range. That's enough to operate them from very far away. Be careful not to pick an RC warship that eventually doesn't meet your range demands.


Last but not least, you should consider the battery power of the RC battleships you're considering. This will let you know how long the battery can last while operating the ship. Sure enough, the more battery power it offers, the more time you'll be able to use the toy.

If you want decent power that lasts, we recommend no less than 500mAh if you want at least 10 minutes of operation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you're still holding some doubts about RC warships, we may answer them with this section. Here, you'll find the most common questions with their respective answers:

1. Who can use an RC battleship?

A remote control battleship is a toy for almost any type of use. Because this machine is easy to use and mostly harmless, there's no need to be extra careful with it. Still, we recommend to don't let kids under 6 years old to handle them. This will prevent accidents and keep the ship working neatly.

2. Can I use RC warships on saltwater?

While some RC ships are saltwater-friendly, the ones on this list are not. You should only use them in freshwater bodies like rivers, ponds, and lakes. Other places like beaches and open sea may destroy the machine faster and make it unusable.

3. When to use an RC warship?

You can use RC battleships at almost any time. Because they tend to float well and provide excellent controls and propeller capacity, there's no specific time to play with them.

However, we recommend only using the remote control boats in calm waters and on sunny days. Harsh weather and rain may not only cause damage to the RC ships but also make it harder to operate them. So stick to sunny days if possible.

4. Are there remote control battleships that shoot?

While some remote control warships indeed shoot missiles and cannons, the ones on this list do not.

If you want something that shoots, you may need to spend a lot of bucks as well. And you will need certification and/or permit depending on what the ship shoots.

But overall, it is totally possible to get a battleship that fires. They're not easy to come by, though.

5. What's the difference between an RC boat and an RC battleship?

The main difference is that warships boast a more military design. They come with missile launchers, cannons, antennas, radars, aircraft carriers, helicopters, planes, and more. In contrast, a standard RC boat will only come with a few details and no military design.

Final Words

Enjoying a fun time with friends or family by playing with remote controlled warships is totally possible. You just need to pick the ideal model, and you'll have an excellent RC toy.

For that, we recommend taking the time and effort to read through our reviews and buying guides. Then, you can choose the one you prefer accordingly.

But whatever you pick, be sure it is something you will get the most from. So choose carefully and enjoy a toy that will never get old.

Last Updated on May 18, 2021