Best Propeller for Pontoon Boat 2021

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Quicksilver Nemesis

The Top Propeller for Pontoon Boat

If you're looking for a propeller for pontoon boat but don't have the time to do your own research and to compare prices, then go for the Quicksilver Nemesis Propeller. 

After all the research, we recommend this one as our top pick. With the speed, acceleration, and handling, there aren’t many that can match the level of Nemesis which makes it stand out from the crowd.

To steer your vessel to stroll around the water, you need the right propeller for a pontoon boat. It’s the wheels of water rides that let the power of the engine translate and get the boat moving.

But which one to pick?

There are propellers left and right. And you don't know what makes a good one. You need to pick this with care. Or even with a powerful engine, the pontoon boat won’t be moving fast enough.

No worries.

Right here I’ve got the propeller for your pontoon boat. Just give it a look.

Top Pontoon Boat Propeller for the Money

If you want the best propeller for the boat, then you shouldn’t look further. The best ones are right lined up below for you to pick. Just keep on reading to find the best one for your pontoon.

1. Quicksilver Nemesis 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller: Instant power

Getting your pontoon moving fast, you need a propeller that can use the power of the engine. The Quicksilver Nemesis is exactly that option you’re missing out on the boat until now.

You can use this state-of-the-art prop to work with any Mercury FourStroke 25-30 HP engine and get the boat moving fast. 

This 4-blade design on the thing gives you the speed of a 3-blade propeller. But with that extra blade on it, you get more control over your acceleration and movements that you might not get from a 3-blade prop. Negotiating spaces that are too narrow, this one comes on its own with its slow speed control.

Though it got an aluminum build, the durability is quite on par with some of the best. Plus, the pitch and diameter proportion of the thing is on point to give you maximum thrust with good fuel economy.

With the speed, acceleration, and handling, there aren’t many that can match the level of Nemesis which makes it stand out from the crowd. 


  • Affordable
  • Good speed.
  • Great fuel economy
  • Excellent handling.
  • Good acceleration


  • Wrong pitch information on the website.

2. Quicksilver Black Diamond 3-Blade Aluminum Propeller: Improved speed

Pair up your 4-6 HP outboards with Quicksilver’s Black diamond propeller. This one having 3-blades, it is more catered to speed up things for the pontoon.

But that aside, the composition of the aluminum also helps in terms of your lowering the cost. For a 6 HP engine, having a right diameter blade is quite critical. Too large, and it will slow the speed of an already low power engine. Too small and it will spin it up fast and damage the engine Thankfully with the wide range of diameter and pitch available for the Black Diamond, getting the perfect performance for the pontoon to cruise at a nice pace won’t be an issue.

Similarly, the variety of pitch gives you the luxury to decide how many inches to push around while floating on the pontoon boat with a single rotation of the blade. Picking a low pitch prop, you can get more power and acceleration to enjoy with the Quicksilver. Depending on the recommended RPM of the engine and pick the right pitch for the boat.

Overall, the Aluminum prop gives you the ability to get the right type to complement the engine for a smooth ride. But to be fair, it’s not the best option for the performance improvement of the cruise. It's more of a prop for common use.


  • Solid propeller
  • Great value
  • Good speed
  • Easy to install


  • Handling isn’t great

3. Qiclear Marine 13 1/4 x17 | 48-77344A45: Remarkable performance

For engines with more power, Qiclear is the propeller of choice. This 3-blade prop can run with any 60-125 HP Mercury engines with ease.

Going with the market trend, the prop gets made with aluminum too. It might not be solid like steel. Yet, the high-quality of it is perfect to combat the tear and wear of the power the engine produces. Besides, makes use of the power the right way to improve fuel efficiency.

The overall build of the propeller makes the difference in all this.

You get the right thinness and thickness with it. It is thin enough to avoid the drag to show power on the water. With a 17 inch pitch on the prop, without any obstructions, in perfect condition in one rotation, you can cover that distance which is quite great.

Having the right diameter and pitch, it gives good control to on the water. You can turn the blades and move the pontoon at a slow speed with it. 

So, in simple words, the prop can speed up the pontoon boats when it needs to. And when it’s time to slow it down for more steering on the water, it can give that too.


  • Durable build
  • Good speed
  • Great steering
  • Easy to install
  • Good value


  • Thinner blade doesn’t hold up against obstacles

4. Turning Point Propellers: Sensational quality

For your pontoon, the turning point propeller can turn around things on the lake. If you want to move fast, the four blade prop gives you just that while giving you the response you’re looking for to make those sharp turns on the water.

There is no sacrifice of the top speed of your engine with its use. And when it comes to offering a better bite on the water for your pontoon, the lower rake angle of the blades also comes into play.

Coming to the pitch. Here, you will get a 19-inch pitch which gives you more distance to cover per revolution. And the performance on lower RPM is also extraordinary as it keeps the boat in place which makes up for great fuel economy.

Yes, you will drop some speed when you move to the four bladed prop. Yet, when you’re using it with a moderate RPM and not in full throttle, the cruising speed of it will match the 3-blades for sure.

Not to forget, it makes up for that slight loss speed at higher RPM’s with its control and turning that is 100% more superior to the others. 

So, it’s more like a fair trade-off and not a loss.


  • Good cruising speed
  • Better control
  • Sharp turning
  • Long-lasting blade
  • Better fuel efficiency


  • Slight loss of speed

5. Jason Marine Upgrade OEM Aluminum Outboard Moto Propeller: Power-up the Pontoon

For any marine engines with 30-70 HP, only one propeller you need to get the power to show on the speed of the pontoon boats and that’s the Jason Marine moto prop.

Made from aluminum, the propeller is solid enough to steer the pontoon boats on the water without sacrificing the speed, acceleration, or RMPS of your engine. Meantime, it can handle the power generated by those powerful engines and avoid any tear and wear to give you a long service life. Not to forget, makes the best use of the fuel without wasting any of it as the prop reflects the power produced right on the 3-blades it got.

And being a 3-blade prop, you can already imagine, it can go real fast at a straight line when you fully throttle the engine. Other boat propellers with the same number of blades won’t come close to it as the pitch and diameter ratio of it is quite perfect. The blades move fast while sliding through 12-inches of distance every time it makes up a rotation.

On the other hand, the improved design of the rake here lets you use larger diameter props while the cupped blades provide high speeds even under heavy loads. 

The Jason Marine is no doubt the ultimate propeller you can get for the pontoon boats for moving at high speed.


  • ISO certified
  • Solid build
  • Great speed
  • Works with wide range of engines
  • Easy to install


  • Handling is ok, not the best

Pontoon Boat Props: My Recommendation

I’ve laid down the top propeller for pontoon boats right above for you to choose from. Whether you’ve got a powerful engine or a regular one with low power, there is a propeller that will suit it. 

On top of that, you can get the right prop based on your need. If you need more control over the boat's movement then the Nemesis four blade propeller is the one you would like to have for the boat.

To glide through water fast at a straight line, the Jason marine one is you should look into. Whatever you need, whether it’s control, speed, or both at the same time, the pontoon boat propellers here will provide you just that.

Just choose wisely and you will be fine.

Best props for a pontoon boat

Last Updated on May 17, 2021