Are Boston Whalers a Good Boat?

Last Updated on August 25, 2021

Since the company’s foundation more than 60 years ago, Boston Whaler has remained a favorite of boaters and fishermen. The brand has numerous models of boats, and they remain hugely popular. But is popularity proof of the brand’s quality? Are Boston Whalers a good boat? In this post, we will try to find an answer.

A Legendary Boating Company

Richard Fisher, the founder of the company, designed the first prototype of Boston Whaler more than 60 years ago. At that time, it was an out-of-the-box boat, and definitely ahead of its time in terms of design and utility.

Fisher wanted to build a boat that would be suitable for everyday people, and stand the test of time. The use of newly invented materials and a specialized Unibond construction made the boat unique.

To create a light, buoyant and durable compound, Fisher combined fiberglass with some other materials. After creating the prototype, Fisher sought the help of Raymond Hunt, a naval architect. In the next few years, Fisher and Hunt managed to perfect the design.

The very first “Whaler” was released and marketed in 1958. The company was named Boston Whaler. Very soon the boat earned its reputation as “unsinkable”.

Legacy and Popularity

A Unibond construction was the hallmark of the company. A molded, patented fiberglass was used to build the boat. The solid and “unsinkable” boat gained huge popularity and the company became famous.

In the late 1950s, when the boat was first marketed, fiberglass was not a widely known material. Richard Fisher gets the credit for introducing the material for building boats. Boston Whalers set standards for many other boat manufacturers.

The original boat was a 13-footer. In 1961, a 17-foot Whaler was released. It came with more sophisticated features like a center console and upscale wood accents.

In the following years, the boats got larger and stronger. By the 1970s, larger Unibond-constructed boats were released, and they were safer, stronger, and more durable.

Boston Whaler became the most renowned boating company by the ’80s. The company expanded rapidly and manufactured faster bigger and tougher boats. With a wide variety of designs, Boston Whaler is now one of the most renowned manufacturers of boats.

Are Boston Whalers a Good Boat?

Today, the company is widely recognized as a forward-thinking, legendary boat manufacturer. Over the years, the company has faced struggles, but the products are still known for their incredible durability and functionality. The Unibond construction has evolved over time and profoundly inspired the boating industry.

The brand is trusted by many marine enthusiasts, but at the same time, it is criticized for its high price tags. Many boating enthusiasts complain that the price is abnormally high compared to other brands.

In spite of the high price, Boston Whaler boats remain hugely popular. Users have always been fascinated by the durability of the boat.

Why Boston Whaler?

Are Boston Whalers a good boat? Yes. The brand has gained this level of popularity for a host of reasons. If you are wondering why you should choose Boston Whaler, keep reading.

Even if you cut the boat in two halves, it will not sink. This unsinkability is indebted to the boat’s Unibond hull construction. A high-quality construction, smart design, and forward-thinking technology have set the brand apart from its competitors. Whether you are cruising, fishing, or both, the boat will give you premium experiences.

Boston Whalers have been tested in myriad ways: by cutting them in half, by firing many rounds of ammunition into them, and by parking massive earthmovers over them. Thanks to its patented Unibond hull construction, the boat is extremely rigid and durable.

The grab bars and rails are made of 316-grade stainless steel. The molded surfaces also have a high-gloss, smooth, gel-coated finish that makes cleaning and maintenance super easy. Boston Whalers are unsinkable, but that is not the only reason why government agencies choose the brand. The brand is popular for its overall quality.

Owning a Whaler does not mean only owning a boat. If you own a Boston Whaler, you actually have access to an amazing on-water lifestyle. When it comes to delivering on-water experiences, Boston Whaler has a legendary status. Over the past 60 years, the company has managed to exceed all expectations.

The legend continues. People who have used Boston Whalers advise their children and grandchildren to trust the brand. An owner of a Boston Whaler is part of something special. 

Popular Boston Whaler Models

Let’s address the original question again: are Boston Whalers a good boat? In general, the answer is yes, but it also depends on whether you choose the right model. There are many models of Boston Whaler boats. Here are some popular ones:

The Montauk

Currently, it is one of the most popular models, available in a few different versions. Lengths range from 13 to 21 feet. This model can accommodate up to 9 passengers. For fishing parties and small cruising, the smaller boats are pretty good. The larger ones are more suitable for luxury cruising and deep-sea fishing.

20 Temptation 2500

For fishing or partying with large groups, this model can be the best option. It is 22 feet in length and can accommodate up to 10 passengers. First built in the 1980s, this model is now considered a vintage boat.

Outrage 18/19

If you are looking for a luxury boat, the Outrage 18/19 can be a pretty good choice. It is relatively small in size and has nimble handling. This model is great for cruising, water sports, and water fishing.

17 sport

First built in the 1970s, the 17 Sport has long been a very popular Boston Whaler boat.


Designed for water sports and offshore fishing, Dauntless is another great Boston Whaler boat. Lengths range from 17 to 27 feet. Its amazing amenities include a reversible pilot seat, and pedestal fishing seats.

Are Boston Whalers a Good Boat? – Final Thoughts 

The answer is a resounding yes. There are many different models of Boston Whaler boats, so you can easily find one that suits your taste. Whether your focus is on fishing or luxury cruising, there is a model for you. Yes, Boston Whaler is a relatively expensive boat, but you will be happy with the quality.